My Nighmare


Imagine being afraid to fall asleep. Afraid, that when you close your eyes, there is a world waiting for you to explore. Waiting for you to fall asleep and then luring you into a city that you never want to see. When I close my eyes, my world is a nightmare.


I am walking along a dark, gloomy street with my footsteps echoing around me. Shadows are bouncing off the brick walls portraying people who are not there. I am alone. There is no one around me, no one to comfort me when I am scared, no one to feel my fear. I have the feeling that someone was watching me, waiting for me to make the wrong turn. The butterflies in my stomach will not go away. The full moon is towering over me, twinkling rays of light over the street and making shadows jump out at me. The sky is empty, no stars looking down on me, keeping an eye on me. I was alone. The sound of footsteps follow me but every time I look round there is no one there.  The butterflies get stronger as I realise that the street I am walking along is a dead end.


I appear at home, walking through my front door waiting for my mum and dad to tell me everything is ok. Silence. There is no one at home. All the lights are off and all I can hear is the wind ratterling the windows making then bang against their frames. As I go upstairs, each step creaks under my weight. I try to tiptoe but the sound just seems to get louder. I creep into my parents’ room and to my relief I see them sound asleep. I start to leave the room but I hear the stairs creaking. The fear of being followed returns with the butterflies. I step back into my parents’ room only to find that they have disappeared, leaving me feeling trapped and claustrophobic. Sweat is pouring down my face and my hands are sticking to my clothes. I start to panic and sobs are chocking me as I realise that I could die here. I close my eyes and remember all the good things in life.


When I open my eyes, I am at school. I sigh in relief because I am free. I wander around the grounds, wondering why it is so empty. Then a maze starts to form around me, making me feel lost and unaware. The sound of a chain saw being revved up brings the fear back into me.  I hear a scream and realise that is it coming from my own mouth. The chain saw is getting closer, I turn to run only finding that wherever I turn is a hedge.  I find an opening and run as fast as legs can carry me. Suddenly my legs are pulled out from underneath me and my head smashes into a stone. My eyes close leaving me in darkness.


I awake on the school astro. It’s raining and the rain is plastering my hair to my face. I can feel the warm blood trickerling down my face from when I fell. A clap of thunder rolls through the sky followed by a flash of lightning. The lightning keeps on coming, flashing all around me like strobe lightning in a theatre. I see a figure coming towards me out of the darkness. Each time he is getting closer yet he is walking so slowly. I start to shuffle backwards, faster and faster until my back hits the fence. Horror crosses my face.


Without realising it, I am on top of the Empire State building. A man is running towards me getting closer and closer. I feel his weight rush into me and I’m falling, faster and faster.


I wake up with a hand on my shoulder. It was my mother reassuring me that it was just a nightmare. The worst nightmare of my life but I am safe now. No one can get me now. I am safe.

The End

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