The present

Lucy and Carina needn’t have worried. I went back in my old school; though a day or two later than the others, but that was because they needed to get some special communications-equipment which I only used in class, because I liked not being able to speak too much.

My friends took real good care of me, defending me from anyone who tried to bully me, be it kids in other classes, or even other teachers; something that obviously was quite risky to do, but nothing happened, fortunately.

And then the inevitable happened; I met a boy whom I liked, and who liked me.


It was about a year after I had started leading this life, when Benny walked into it, arguably complicating things real bad. He was about my age; tall, dark, and handsome, and if I hadn’t been trapped in a chair, I suppose I would have fallen over backwards and fainted the minute I saw him, and the feeling was apparently mutual, because he started wanting to be around me as much as possible. At first, he didn’t know how to behave when he was around me, so he talked to me through Carina and Lucy; but they soon told him, he could talk directly to me, and I would answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ by moving my eyes.

I think it was Carina who told my parents about him, and they asked me if I liked him well enough for them to reveal my secret. Having thought about it, I indicated ‘yes’, and they told Carina to, on my behalf, ask Benny to come over the next day.

Of course Benny came, and they placed my chair in my room, which is next to my parents’ bedroom, and told him they needed to talk to him, alone, and that I already knew what it was about.


Sitting in my chair, with the brakes locked once again looking out a window I could hear them talking and explaining things very carefully.

After a while, I heard them come in. Benny walked in front of me, and asked me if it was true; was I faking the whole thing? I studied his face thoroughly, to see if I could detect any sign of disgust but found none, not even after having confirmed I was, and that, after some intense physiotherapy, I probably would be able to walk and talk normally again.

“But, that’s just great,” he cried, seemingly overjoyed. He stabbed his index-finger at me, and said: “Don’t you dare go near a physiotherapists’ office, or even think about doing it!” He went on, almost choking on every word. “I love you, Jonna, just the way you are!” He bent over and gave me a kiss, and a hug. Six months later, we were living together.


I’m sitting in front of the living-room window in our flat, which Benny bought for us just after we got engaged. Carina, who now is my assistant, sharing that job with Lucy, parked me here before she left for the day, and I am now waiting for Benny to come home from his work as a junior clerk at a law-firm in the city. Now, I can hear the key being put in the lock and the door opened.

“Anybody home?” He always asks that; even though he doesn’t expect an answer. I suspect he does that so I’ll know who is coming. He’s thoughtful that way.

He leans over me, and kisses my forehead: “How’s my favourite girl today? I hope they’ve been taking good care of you.” I look at him, telling him with my eyes:

“You know they have; they always do!”

He tousles my hair, and gives me one of those smiles he knows I can’t live without.

“Good!” he says, and walks into the kitchen, to heat the dinner Carina prepared before she left. He sets the table and wheels me in, and we have a romantic dinner. 

The End

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