Chapter Ten

Mollie stopped as they passed her room. Toby walked ahead a few steps before he realised she was no longer following him. 

"Everything okay?" He asked, concern etched on his face. Mollie rotated around, taking in the path they had just walked down, and then faced back to Toby. 


She hadn't been this way before, and she was scared. Over the few weeks she'd been there, she had got used to her room and the other places she'd been allowed. Yeah, she would have rather have gone home but she'd adapted now. She knew she was safe locked in her room with Dee visiting now and again. 

But upstairs? Was she really ready for this? What if this was a trap? They could have been keeping her in that room, befriending her, gaining her trust, so she'd walk into their trap with open arms. 

Toby stepped forward and took her hand. Her heart fluttered. 

"It's going to be okay, you know." He said softly. How could Toby hurt her? How would Dee hurt her? She would be fine. She would. 

"Come on. Lets go." she said finally. She pulled her hand from Toby, and smiled weakly up at him. "I'm being silly." 

He grinned, and then carried on down the hallway. One last look at her old room, and she followed him into the unknown. 

The hallway seemed to go on and on, until finally a left turning came into view. However, instead of taking the turn as Mollie expected, Toby opened a door on the right and ushered Mollie through it. 

It was pitch black; she couldn't see a thing. Putting her arms in front of her, she felt walls to the side of her and ahead. He had led her into a small boxed room. Panic flooded through her. She was trapped!

Suddenly a light came on, and Toby was looking at her apologetically.

"Sorry. Couldn't find the switch." he said, and she shook her head. Adrenaline was pumping through her and her heartbeat was slowly calming down. She could feel it beating against her chest. 

"I thought..." She left the sentence hanging. 

"You're safe here, Mollie. One day, you will believe me." He opened up a panel on one of the walls and pressed one of the buttons. The room moved suddenly, and then began to rise. She was in a lift. 

"There are four lifts placed in each corner of the building. They all go to each floor, but you need a code to go underground."  

Mollie nodded, but she wasn't really listening. She didn't do lifts. Her eyes were firmly clamped down and she was holding her stomach. 

"Everything okay?" Toby asked. She nodded her head, but didn't speak. She didn't trust herself. Suddenly the lift jerked to a stop, and she breathed out heavily. 

"Please. Can we just get out?" She said, her voice shaking. Toby looked at her bewildered and then led her out quickly. Only once her feet were placed on firm ground did she dare to open her eyes again.

Toby laughed at her. "You've gone green Mollie. Why didn't you tell me you didn't like lifts? We do have stairs too." 

Mollie nearly hit him. "When did you tell me we were stepping into a lift, can I ask?" 

His mouth formed a small 'o' shape and a guilty expression flashed across his face. "Oops?" 

"Never mind." She said through gritted teeth. She glanced around and then froze. Taking a few steps forward, she stared out of the window. 

The sun was low, and there was a soft orange glow blanketing the huge stretch of land that was lay before her. There were no buildings, or cars or anything for that matter. It was beautiful. She was surprised by how much it touched her just to see they sky again. She placed a palm on the glass and stared out with longing. 

"Mollie... you're crying." Toby said gently, moving next to her. She dabbed her eyes and was surprised to feel tears escaping. She laughed out of embarrassment. 

"I ... I don't know why. I just ... I've not seen ..." She couldn't speak. The view had left her breathless. After being locked up for so long, it was like seeing the world for the first time. It was magical. 

Toby didn't say anything. He didn't need to. He knew exactly how she felt, and he waited till she was ready. That's why he had chosen this lift. It was the only one directly facing a window. 

Soft tears crawled down her cheeks, but she forgot about them. Nothing mattered to her at that moment other than the slowly rising sun. She knew that for as long as she lived, she would never forget it. Never. 

The End

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