Chapter Nine

Mollie woke with a start. The room was pitch black, but that didn’t mean anything.  With there being no windows, all she had to do was turn the light off to be surrounded by blackness. She sat up warily, wondering what had woken her. Then she heard it again.

Someone was outside her room, making a weird clicking noise. She got up silently, and place her ear warily on the door. 

Someone was stood outside, pacing before the door. There was a faint clicking sound as well, as if they were clicking there fingers. She suddenly felt scared. They could get in, and she would be helpless in this room if they meant her harm. She was sure it wasn’t Dee or Toby. They would have knocked and come in.

 So who was it?

She held her breath as she saw the door handle move slightly. Someone had grabbed hold of the other side. She watched as it turned slowly. They were trying to get in. The door pushed forward, and stopped. The door was still locked. The person on the other side began to rattle it, but it was no use. 

Mollie realised, that the key to the door must only be with Toby or Dee. It was clear that who ever wanted to get in, couldn’t. She wanted to shout out, but fear held her to the spot. After a while she heard foot steps walk away. For about fifteen minutes she waited, and only when she thought the coast was clear did she grab her chair and place it under the handle.

She couldn’t be sure, but the person who had tried to get in could have gone of to get the key. And she had an instinct that who ever it was, was not someone good. She climbed back into bed, and sat up staring at the door. She listened out for the tiniest sound. 

Finally, sleep over took her and she fell into a restless sleep.

She was dreaming again. She was stood with Trevor, and he was telling her he loved her. She tried to tell him she loved him too, but she couldn’t get the words out. It was like she was choking and she couldn’t ask for help. Then Trevor smiled cruelly, and pushed her backwards. She fell into a room, and he locked the door shut. Then there was a rustling sound, and someone was moving the door handle. They began to bang on the door, and she was terrified they were going to break it. 

The banging wouldn’t stop, and she began to cry. Then they started yelling her name. They were going to get in. They were going to get her.


She sat up suddenly. Someone was trying to get in. They shouted her name again, and she recognised Dee's voice. She got up quickly and moved the chair. As she did, the door flew open and Dee fell to the floor.

“What happened?” She asked, getting up. “Why couldn’t I get in?” 

“I put the chair there.” Mollie told her. She filled her in on the strange visitor in the night. Dee looked puzzled. 

“I wonder who it was.” She said, glancing at the floor, thinking. “Only me and Toby have keys to this door, and most people would know that.”

She looked up at Mollie.

“Sure it wasn’t Toby?” She asked. Mollie shook her head.

“You should have been there, Dee. It was weird. Like the person knew they shouldn’t be there. Plus, Toby has a key.” 

“Yeah …” 

It had definitely  given them something to think about. 

“I get out of here today, anyway.” Mollie said. Dee looked up grinning.

“You sure do!” She said happily. 

Mollie spent the rest of the morning in the kitchen making breakfast for her and Dee. She wasn't sure who was more excited out of the two either. Dee just wouldn't stop talking.

"My mum can't wait to meet you." she said happily. "In fact, no one can. Most people have heard by now that there is someone new joining us."

Mollie blushed, suddenly nervous. What if everyone upstairs didn't like her? She didn't like being the centre of attention. 

"How many people are there upstairs?" She asked, biting her bottom lip. Dee sensed her mood. 

"Don't worry, Mollie. Most people will be too busy to come and see you. You'll mainly see people in passing." Dee told her. 

"But how many people are there?" She wondered how big this building actually was. 

Dee tilted her head, silently thinking. "I'm not sure. I only know a fraction of people here. A thousand? Two? I don't know. There will be a register somewhere, but I won't have access to it. You should ask Toby, he'll be more likely to know." 

Two thousand! Mollie was shocked by that much. It was like a small village all in one building. 

"What's your role?" She asked Dee, taking a mouthful of the omelette she'd made. Dee grinned. 

"Baby sitting you!" She laughed. Mollie grimaced.

"What about before me?" 

Dee shrugged. "The same as I'm doing now. When anyone new comes, I'm one of the people chosen to help them adjust."

"How long have you been doing that for?" She asked. 

"A year. We don't take a role on till were fifteen, unless were urgently needed for our powers."

So she was sixteen, Mollie thought to herself. Mollie looked at her closely. She really was quite beautiful, in a strange way. Her hair was down today, and it framed her face perfectly. There was something almost ... elf-like ... about her. 

"How many people have you brought here?" she asked her. 

"Three personally." Dee told her. "My first was a man called Ryan. I told you about him, how he escaped and got lost around the first floor. Then there was Simon, and now you."

"You brought Simon here?" She asked, surprised. 

"Yeah, seven months ago." She replied. "I've been pretty bored since then, helping my mum around the kitchen - she's a chef here." 

Mollie took her empty plate and took it to the sink to wash it. Dee followed her waiting to dry. 

"What about Toby? What's his role?" 

Dee didn't speak for a moment, as she thought how best to answer. Mollie looked up, surprised at her silence. 

"Well, I'm not too sure. He's kind of secretive." Dee said after a moment. "He spends a lot of time downstairs, from what I hear. I don't really know him that well. The only time I've spoken to him is when I've helped bring someone here. He tends to welcome new people, as you already know." 

After they had finished cleaning, Dee led Mollie to the showers so she could wash and get ready for going upstairs. She had brought her a summer dress to change into, and by the time she was dry and dressed she felt happy. 

"That looks great on you." Dee said, beaming. "Oh, I've left your shoes in your room. I'll just go grab them." 

The dress was more to her taste than the combats and vest tops Dee had been bringing her. She spun around once in front of the mirror and grinned. She was ready for today. She could do this. 

"You look really pretty." 

She turned round to see Toby stood at the doorway, holding her sandals. He blushed.

 "I went to your room, and saw you were gone. Then Dee came, and told me where you were. I've come to take you upstairs. I hope you didn't mind me walking straight in. Dee said you were ready." 

He was talking fast, as if embarrassed. Mollie smiled. 

"It's fine." she said. 

He grinned. "Good. Ready to see the second floor?" 

Mollie took one last look at herself. She sighed, and turned back to Toby grinning.

"Ready as I'll ever be." 

The End

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