Chapter Four

Dee told her to stand up, and put on some silver handcuffs. Mollie looked at her incredibly. 

“You’re not for real are you? I am certainly not going to offer to lock myself up in them.” She snorted. Dee just stared at her, smiling. Slowly, Mollie felt really calm. So what if she wore them? They were only handcuffs. Dee seemed nice enough, she wouldn’t hurt her. 

She took the handcuffs from Dee then put them on. As she clicked them shut, she realised what she had done.

“Hey, no fair!” She said, looking horrified. Dee just grinned.

“I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t use my power like this, but that’s why I’m given this job. I’m the only one who can calm newbie’s down. No one has a power like mine.” 

Mollie just huffed, and muttered something half heartedly under her breath. She didn’t know whether it was Dee’s power or just her instinct, but she was beginning to feel a lot less like a captive and more like a visitor – despite the handcuffs.

“Why do I need to be trapped in these though?” Mollie moaned. She felt like a right child. Here she was, twenty six years old, and she was moaning to a teenager. God how mixed up everything was.

“I let my heart rule the first time, and the guy ended up lost round here for three days. Eventually someone found him hidden in an airing cupboard, half starved. I got in so much trouble you wouldn’t believe.” 

Dee led her out of the room, and she found her self in a long hall way. 

“I bet your wondering what happens now. Well this is the first floor. It’s where we keep new people and where Toby tells them everything. That isn’t your own room; you will get a much nicer one. One you can personalise. That room is where people like you who faint or are uncooperative stay at first. These rooms are the only bedrooms with locks on the outside.” 

Dee began to explain about how she would need to check in, and give all her details. That would be done in a room on the opposite side of the house. On the way, she could shower or get changed if she wanted, but Mollie said no. As much as she would have liked to, she wanted to find out what was going on first. 

Dee told her that after she had checked in, Toby would come and meet her and show her upstairs. That was where the living quarters were and she could meet some more of the residents of Building E. 

“Normally, new people stay in that locked room for a couple of nights.” Dee told her. “When they are trusted they can then move into their own room, and design it how they like. Mine’s doing my head in, because it’s not been decorated since I was five. You can imagine how it looks.” 

Suddenly they stopped outside a door.

“Word of warning, don’t lie. They won’t hurt you or anything but, let’s just say they don’t give the warmest of welcomes.” Dee whispered, and then she knocked on. Mollie gulped as she waited. She had no idea what to expect. Suddenly a voice came from behind the door.

“Diana let the girl enter then leave.” 

Dee rolled her eyes, and motioned for Mollie to enter.

“Good luck” she heard her whisper, before the door closed behind her. 

The room was dark, and she couldn’t see a thing at first. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up, and she coughed nervously. Suddenly a spot light appeared showing a chair a few metres away. 

“Sit on it please.” A voice ordered. She turned to see where it had come from, but it was too dark to notice anything.  But she suddenly decided no. Her situation became more clear without Dee calming her down. Enough was enough. She was not going to help them kidnap her. 

“No.” She said, rather more bravely than she felt.

“No?” The voice said again, as if he couldn’t believe she had disobeyed. 

“No.”  she repeated. “I will not sit on that chair. And I … I will not do what you say. I want … I want to go back home please right now.” 

Silence filled the room, and then two voices began to laugh. It was the most chilling laughter that she had ever heard, and it made her want to turn and run. 

“Have it your way.” a second voice said, this time a females. Smoke filled the air, and Mollie didn’t even have chance to scream before once again she fell to the floor. 


This time she woke, she had a banging headache. Glancing round, she had been placed in the same room, and the handcuffs had been removed. Her head was so sore. Lifting her hand to touch it, she realised she had a big bump above her eye.

 And that’s how she spent her first week at Building E. At least once a day, Dee would come to find her and take her to the check in. There, she would refuse to answer any questions, and then wake up back in her room. 

Dee always brought her food and something to drink, so she didn’t go without. She knew she should just get it over with, but she felt like if she did that, then she would loose her freedom along with it - not that she had much now. 

“When are you going to give this up?” Dee asked, after Mollie had been there for at least eight days. 

Mollie shrugged, staring at the ceiling. Dee sighed. 

“Do you miss your husband?” she said after a while, gently. Mollie looked at her, and smiled sadly. 

“We never got married. I ran away.” She told her, pulling her knees to her chin. She didn’t add that she wished she had now, and she wouldn’t be here.

“Why did you do that?” Dee asked, puzzled. 

Good question, Mollie thought to herself. Why had she done it? She must have loved him.  She was with him for a while before hand. He was so good to her, and he had offered her the world. Not that she wanted it; he had been the only thing she had wanted.

When he had proposed, it was like everything was complete. They had only been together for  five months. But she was happy, and it had been a good time in her life to settle down. 

Then things had started to go bad. The only thing people talked about with her was the wedding. She saw old couples in the street, arguing, looking unhappy. She saw less of Trevor and lets just say the spark they had, had definitely gone.

Dee could tell she didn’t want to talk about it, and changed the subject. “Toby’s coming tomorrow, to speak to you.” 

Mollie looked up. That was something different. She hadn’t seen anyone but Dee since her first day. What did he want? Had he gave in? Was he taking her home?

She soon realised though, that he didn’t plan on letting her go, when he came to visit her the next day. 

She was lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, when he had knocked. Expecting him, she sat up straight away and told him to come in. He smiled almost awkwardly and sat down at the desk.

“I understand Dee warned you I was coming.” He told her. She nodded. 

“Do you plan on checking in today?” He asked, almost hopefully. She laughed, then stopped as she noticed his expression. She shook her head.

“I didn’t think so.” He sighed, and rubbed his eyes with his hands. 

“Why have you come?” She asked him. It was the first thing she had said to him since her first day. 

“Well you’ve been here over a week.” He started, looking straight into her eyes. “This room isn’t supposed to be a permanent thing you know. We need to discuss your options-”

“I hope one of them is to go home.” She said, interrupting him.

He smiled. “I think you already know, that you probably won’t be going home for a long time.” 

“Well that’s where you're wrong. My fiancé has a lot of money, and he has probably already hired the best detectives out there to find me. I give it another week, and they will be taking me from this mad house and you will all end up in prison.”

Toby laughed. “Mollie, be real. They will never find this place. And even if they do, we have guards that will mess up their memory. To them they will have came, searched the place, found nothing but old broken machines, and then left.”

 Mollie was about to say something else, but he put his hand up.

 “Enough of that rubbish. I know you're not even marrying him anyway. You ran away. He is probably glad to see gone.” 

Mollie looked gob smacked. Dee had told him. She actually had begun to trust her, but now she realised she was probably out there telling all the others about her. And even though she hated to admit it, Toby’s words had stung her. She knew he was right. Trevor probably hated her.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.” Toby sighed. 

“But you did anyway.” Mollie said coldly. “Look Toby, I am not checking in. I am not staying here. Kill me if you must, I don’t care anymore. Like you said, I have no one to go back to.” 

She lay back down and faced the other way. She felt a tear drop down her cheek, so she closed her eyes. She was not going to cry - especially in front of him. After about ten minutes, she heard him leave the room. 

She felt so alone. She had no one to hold, to cry to. She wanted her mother so badly. Without meaning to, she fell asleep.

She had such a weird dream. Trevor was there standing in her prison cell. At first he was crying, begging her to come back and not run away. Then he smiled and said he had never loved her anyway. He held out his palm and a ball of fire flew towards her. She jumped back, and fell. And she fell, and she fell and she fell. And all the way down, the ball of fire followed her, with Trevor’s laughter echoing the deep pit. 

The End

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