Chapter Three

She sat up suddenly. Looking round, she had no idea where she was. Then flashbacks of what had happened filled her mind, and she jumped from the bed she was lay in instantly. She was in a small room, with only a bed and a table to fill it. The walls were a light colour of blue, and there was a soft carpet on the floor. 

There was nothing threatening about it, but she had been kidnapped at the end of the day. There could be daisy’s painted on the wall and she would still want to get out. She tried the door, but as she expected it was locked.

 She looked around the room, for something – anything. Then she noticed the letter on the table.

Dear Miss Thompson, 

 You fainted after I showed you what I could do, and you were brought here. I hope you wake up feeling much better. Your dress is in a box under the bed – we didn’t know what to do with it, but I’m sure you didn’t want to sleep in it. Don’t worry, a young girl called Dee helped you get ready. She was one of the girls in the van that brought you here. 

As I am sure you have found out all ready, the door is locked. This isn’t in anyway to make you feel trapped. It is merely a precaution to stop you running around the building where you could get lost, or worse – hurt. 

Dee will be sent in hourly to check if your up and she will fill you in. 

Hope you feel better, 


She put the letter back down and sat on the bed. Someone had dressed her in a tight red vest top, and black combats. Nothing she would normally wear, but she wasn’t worried about that. 

Toby had made fire out of thin air. Fire. Like a power. It was impossible. It couldn’t be true. Surely it was trick, something to scare her or something. Or was this all a joke?  Someone was going to jump out in the minute with cameras. They did things like that on the TV all the time didn’t they? 

But she had a funny feeling this was real. She lay back down on the bed and waited. If only she had stayed, and married Trevor. Oh, Trevor. Her heart ached just thinking about him. She was a coward, she knew it. But she couldn’t have married him. She knew it deep down. 

She cringed at the mess she had left behind. She knew they would all be worried sick about her. Maybe they would ring the police, and they would surely find her. She still had reason to hope. 

She laughed out loud at the absurdity of the events that had taken place. It was the day after she was supposed to have been married. Trevor had bought two first class tickets to Venice, for their honeymoon. They were going to set of today.

And instead she was locked in some god knows room in the middle of god knows where. She wanted to cry, but she couldn’t manage it.  What the hell was she doing in this mad house? What did they really want with her? She didn’t want to be protected! She wanted to go home and cry to her mother about Trevor. 

Suddenly there was a light knock on the door, and then it opened. A young girl around sixteen walked in. She knew instantly that this must be the Dee that was meant to check up on her and she looked completely different to what she had expected. 

Her hair was very long, and sleek, pulled into a light pony tail. The colour was such a pale blonde, that it was hard to see where her hair ended and her pale skin started. Her eyes were what caught her attention though. The light grey colour rotated around her eyes as she spoke. She was beautiful in a bizarre kind of way. 

“Hey, you’ve woken.” She said as she stepped into the room. Mollie couldn’t help but feel safe with her; she seemed to set of an aura of peace and happiness. Mollie knew she should be trying to escape - she could easily pass by the kid. But for some reason she didn't feel like trying. She couldn't explain it.

“Are you Dee?” She asked, uncertain on what to say. Dee nodded, enthusiastically. 

“I sure am! My real name is Diana but I hate it. Most people call me Dee.”  She said. She had such a soft voice. 

Dee came and sat down on the bed beside Mollie making Mollie flinch, and placed her cold hand on her forehead. 

“Hmm, you haven’t got a temperature. How are you feeling?” She asked, looking her in the eyes.

“I don’t know. A lot of feelings.” She whispered. 

“I bet. I never experienced that as I was born here, but I can imagine it was scary. We are all sorry about that.” 

“I just want to go home, Dee.” Mollie told her. Dee bit her lip, looking troubled.

“I think it’s too late for that now. You’re not safe there. If we have found out about you, then they surely will have.”

“Found out about what? Who’s found out?” Mollie asked, confused.

“Didn’t Toby explain?” She asked, raising her eyebrows. Mollie shook her head.

“This building is protecting certain people, that’s all he said-“

“But he showed you. He showed you his power!” Dee told her, standing up. She began to pace the room. She looked like she hadn’t been expecting this. 

“Yeah, but that was just a trick. I’m not a fool. Something must of... I don’t know, projected the image or something.” Mollie told her, anger seeping through her again. Then Dee laughed and for some strange reason, the anger slipped away.

“That wasn’t a trick. Toby can produce fire all right. Bit of a rare talent, and he’s certainly the best at it. Everyone you meet here will have a power. Well, we don’t like to call them powers. They are part of us. But it’s hard to think of a word to describe them.”

Mollie didn’t know whether to just lie back down and go to sleep, expecting it to be all a dream, or laugh. Dee was surely crazy. Maybe this was a mad house. She had looked pretty crazy herself, running down the road in a wedding dress, crying. That could be why she was here.

“Sorry what’s your name?” Dee asked suddenly. Mollie was caught off guard by the change of subject and told her.

“Well, Mollie, I can tell you that I’m using my power this very instant.” Dee said, grinning from ear to ear. Mollie raised her eyebrow. 

Suddenly, she felt very angry. She wanted to stand up and punch the wall. Then as sudden as it had come, it went, and she just felt like crying. She wanted to curl up in a ball and sob herself to sleep. Then she started laughing. She couldn’t help it. 

“Stop!” She shouted, through each fits of giggles. She stopped wanting to laugh and calmed down.

“As you can tell, I can influence people’s emotions. I can’t normally effect them as much as that, it’s just your in a state of shock at the moment and pretty unstable. Cool, huh?” 

She didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t deny that Dee had done that. And then if she could do that, then maybe Toby could make fire. And if Toby could make fire, then what he said had been true. 

And if that was true, then that meant she had one too. 

The End

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