You ask to leave at once

i start to mumble an apology, "I'm ever so sorry, i think i have the wrong room. i was looking for the art class. if you'd be so kind as to tell me the way, I'll be leaving." "enough" the ring master screams, "there are no wrong rooms, only the room that you choose and it can not be wrong if you your self chose it. can it?" she asks.

seriously freaked out now and stuck to my chair with vines thicker than my arms holding me down, i start to panic. i start to struggle just for the vines to clamp down even harder. "there is no point in struggling" her voice booms across the room hitting me like a hammer. i go completely limp, not through choice i might add. all i want to do is escape, run as far away as i can.

this is just not right, this is not suppose to happen 

The End

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