it was not long before leo become hungary

Poor Leo, I felt sorry for him, and all the animals around me. I watched as he began to rip apart the stuffing of his chair, reducing the legs to sawdust with his fractured mouth.

Hootings and wailings rose up around the room, and a racoon I hadn't spotted before attempted to climb the curtains, bringing them down on my head in a shower of dust.

The group leader clapped her hands together, and everything was quiet once more. I noticed she was dressed like a ring master at a circus in a top hat and tails. She strutted grandly into the centre of the room, twirling a baton and blowing a vast pink bubble, which left her lips and hovered near the ceiling, casting strange rosy light upon the unfortunate animals huddled before her.

"So?" she demanded. "Who's first!"

Her black on black eyes swept the room and lit on me. I tried to hide, but there was no escaping her. My chair grew vines and held me down.

"You!" she said. "Tell us your story. Why have you come here?"

The End

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