my names darren and im a.......

hello my name is darren and i am a drug addict this is my 27th meeting and i have been sober for 2 years, 38 days, 4 hours, and 27 minutes. i hear a round of applause and i look around the room at the people attending the meeting with me. straight away i could see this was no ordinary aa meeting.

 it was unlike any ive ever been to before. the guy to my left was a mexican he was different from any mexican i have ever seen, he was a chicken but no ordinary chicken. he had no feathers and instead of wings he had two little stumpy arms. he said "hola amigo i am hear because i have alopecia and need support to stop me pulling my feathers out comprende." 

to the left of him was a fish standing upright on his tail fins, he was very well spoken and had an extensive vocabulary i can not even remember what he said was wrong with him, but from the way he burst into a choros of "!@#$ stupid piece of %^#!" im guessing it was torretts or something. 

the next in the circle was an anorexic pig called cecil he claimed to have a obsesive compulsive disorder, to clean clean and clean, i have to say i disagree as the smell was terrible.

next to him was a vegatarion lion called leo, leo was suffering from severe depression, and the urge to eat meat was only making him more cranky,

 then come peter the piebald horse, well i think that was his name he couldn't really remember. he had a bad case of alzeimers, he stood up and introduce him self, " hebbo my mame is peber, oh sowwy i habe puf my fourth beeth bown anb i canf fimb fem"  he was that senial he had lost hes false teeth, mind you he was 89 years old,

the last member of the group was an alcoholic owl, apparently snowy had been sober for 14 years but im telling you now someone spiked the group coffee with whiskey and snowy straight away said it was a single malt.

i really did know what to do i was so tempted to leave right then i didnt know if i was high or dreaming or what was going on. i tried to get up but was stuck to my chair. i decided i might as well join in if i was stuck here for the next hour so i decided to see how the meeting played out. 

The End

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