When i woke,i was staring into a bright blue  sky. Well not exactly a sky,just a elegently painted sky onto a high cielling. I try to move again. I lift my right arm,no pain. I lift my leg,no pain. Then i lift me head.I take in my surroundings slowly. AA white chair, a floating plate with all kinds of medical tools,my bed,two solid white doors. I try to get up,i feel the slightest bit pain,and my legs are a little wobly,but i think i can walk. I walk a few paces to the doors. I try the knob tintifly. It opens easily to my touch. As it opens a stare down a long, white hallway. Why is every thing so white here? I walk down the hallway carefully,scared there might be a trap. I am almost at the next set of doors. Before i can reach them though,a man and woman bust through the doors,followed by four heavily armed gaurds.

The End

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