My name is Ruby Huntedwolf

A bright,blinding light flashed above me as i stared upward.As i looked around,i saw things no girl my age should see.That was when i noteced i was moving.At first it was very slow,almost still even. Than it started increasing steadly. Now i am pretty sure im going at least the spead of light. I try to move around,but I seem to be paralized. I try to move some more,but a sharp sensation fills my right arm. I give up eventually,the pain to great to bear. Where was i? I saw a map fly by,then i saw,i was in the underground lab in Capson,which,if i remember correctly is a place that they used to call North America. That is just about the only thing i remember. As a mater of fact i only know that i am a thirteen year old girl,and this is around the year of 7775.

  Just as i realized this,my cart i was laying on came to a jerking stop.A man in white coat undid a few little wires,that were all over me. That must have been why whenever i tried to move,i felt pain. I felt myself being lifted. Before i have time to wonder anymore,i black out.

The End

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