Join Mare's "temporary society."

Luther studied Mare, his malevolent expression belying his words. Could he be trusted to come through on his word? He shot Mare a snide grin of his own, "You say that I can have this information, just for joining your little 'society', but how do I know it's real? How do I know that there isn't just a blank piece of paper inside your special little envelope?"

Mare snarled, how dare this child question his integrity! "I need not prove myself to a snivelling infant such as you. If you do not believe in the information's worth, I will turn away now." He turned, slowly. It was deliberate. He was toying with the boy. 

Luther started, gripping Mare's arm, "No wait, I- I need to know what you know."

Mare smiled in satisfaction, thinking to himself, Snick, now start reeling in the line. He turned, transforming his grin into a more pleasant one. "Are you amenable to my cause child?" 

Luther stared at him a moment. He didn't trust Mare at all, but what choice did he have? "If I join your cause, I leave when I choose?"

The Old One laughed, the laughter for the first time showing in his eyes too, "No child, it doesn't work like that. I am yielding information to you. The price is for you to join my, army, so to speak, for at least a year, nothing less." 

Luther weighed up his options, including the gratitude at the recent feed. A year under this man didn't seem like such a bad idea. Did it? 

The End

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