Listen to what Mare has to say. It might help you with your quest.

"Someone's killing us.  Something, probably.  One can never really be sure in these situations.  I hope you understand the severity, Luther."

Jack Mare's smirk was oily and lethal.

"I don't want to die, and I can bet you anything you don't want to die either.  Not yet... you're so young, after all.  This person- This thing- This murderer  has struck eight times in the past month.  That is unnacceptable. I know it must come as a shock to you..."

Luther raised his eyebrows.  Yes- it was shocking that there was a vampire-hunter on the loose... and it was shocking that an Old One would show up out of nowhere requesting his aid.  It made him uneasey.  He needed to be done with Mare post haste.

"What is it you want?" he interrupted.

Mare wasn't pleased.  His smile didn't touch his glinting eyes.  Mare flashed his fangs in an amused grimace.

"What do I want?  Enlist in my army- I know we are solitary creatures by nature, but it is necessary for us to form a... temporary society.  For the benefit of the greater good, you see.  Should you agree to join, you will be recompensed for any favors asked of you."

Luther may have been a baby compared to the legendary Jack Mare, but he was no fool.  Not a fool at all. He met the elder one's icy glare.

"I don't know what sort of conflicts you're involved with, Consort.  But I don't want to get involved.  I know what happens when vampires create alliances.  The young ones are generally sacrificed for 'the greater good.'  Thanks, but no thanks."

Unphased, Mare produced a crisp white envelope from his coat pocket. His violet eyes twinkled. He had information.  Information was valuable on every stratus of society- vampire society was not excluded.  It was perhaps most valuable for vampires, who have little need for food, flesh or currency. 

Luther was curious, but he did his best to keep poker-faced. The Old One saw right through him.

"What's that?"

Mare grinned, wider than ever.

"It's a little clue. A little clue that'll get you closer to finding something very special.  Something essential to you. If you join, Luther, I will put you one step closer to finding the Stones.  And that's just for joining! Isn't that what you're after?  Don't answer that- I know you're itching to get your grubby fingers on this envelope."

It slipped back into Mare's coat pocket.  Luther hardly saw Mare's fingers move.  He was quick, no doubt. The older they were, the quicker they got.  For a moment Luther pondered the elder's age, then decided he'd rather not even know. Now... what to do about this new developme

The End

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