My Myths - world creaction

The earth was once an ice capsule. Nobody lived there, it was vast, empty. There was all emptiness.

Suddenly a bright red, yellow and orange fireball came crashing towards the ice capsule. It rebounded of the capsule.

Thus the earth was created, some ice melted into beautiful fast flowing blue rivers and oceans.

Under some of the ice were islands of various shapes and sizes, different terrains. Long lustrous trees green trees were formed. Deserts and sand dunes were there. Volcanoes and mountains but there was one bit of ice left. Antarctica.

The fire created humans, males and females. The fireball made animals to live on the planet with the humans. Hoping they would live in harmony.

But there was not much light to show the beauty of this planet. The fireball started to orbit round the earth to give light. There was light.

The End

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