My Misery



I saw a picture of you today
One that I was taken not so long ago
And in this picture, the look on your face
When I saw it
My heart froze
It seemed so full of sweetness
It looked to me
and seemed to say:
That you love me
That you would never leave me
That you would do nothing to break my heart
And with that I relived
The painful day
When you broke me heart
The day when you chose her over me
Oh what sweet misery it was
And in my mind's eye
I burnt that picture
As I have so many before
But your face still haunts me
And the memories cling
Of your sweetness
And the warmth of love
It was such delicious misery
I wasted two years
Of my life on promises
Of not telling you these feelings

Living forever, knowing that you will never love me
But what is forever?
If nothing but pain
Oh how sweet the misery was
I remember how you felt
What it was like to be next to you
to adore and watch your smiling face
So full of love and sweetness
I mourned the death of love
With sweetly sorrow laden misery
Yet found my heart
Could not be mended
So now in loneliness
My days are spent
In misery
Where my heart has landed
And drowned
No longer able to feel you

You left me hollow
Save for the awe inspiring misery
Your passing from my life
Has left in your wake
You are my heart's shining idol
You are misery's saint
And I am but a thorn
That was happily buried
In your side
But with the help of your new goddess
I was removed
Yet the misery that you left remains.


The End

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