Franklin Douglas Robert Parthens (FDR)

+ F u l l - N a m e; Franklin Douglas Robert Parthens

+ F C; Misha Collins 
+ A g e; 31
+ B i r t h d a y; June 5th 
+ S t a t u s; Straight, divorced, single.

+ N i c k n a m e s; Goes by FDR. 
+ L i k e s;

  •  Seeing justice served
  • Solving a case
  • Finding new clues
  • Bike riding
  •  Playing poker with the guys

+ D i s l i k e s;

  • That he let his little sister down
  • Not being able to find out who kidnapped his little sister
  • That his parents got divorced all because of him
  • Not being able to find his little sister’s killer
  • Having a case go un-solved

+ B i o;

Margret was just seven years old when she was kidnapped on her way to school that Monday morning in September. FDR was playing hookie form school that day. Faked a stomach ache so he wouldn’t have to take the math test he had. Margret never made it to school that day and it would be months before the police found her dead body in the woods of New Jersey. 
From the moment he had heard that she hadn’t shown up at school, FDR had a feeling in his gut that something terrible had happened. Later on he would use that instinct to help solve other crimes as a detective. But at the time, he was just concerned about his little sister. The man still blames himself for his little sister’s kidnaping and murder and whenever he gets a chance, he re-opens her old case file and tries to short through old evidence to see if anything could be helpful in finding the person who did this to his little sister. 
The male got married at age twenty-five but the woman couldn’t handle the uncertainty of dating a detective. She was worried, and had the right to be so; that one day she’d get a knock on her door saying her husband had been killed in the line of duty. The two of them are still friends but now FDR isn’t sure he will ever find someone who will not only put up with the odd hours he works, the stressful job he has but also be understanding of his emotional baggage. Brenda, his ex, tried her best. But it soon got tiresome. Since than though, the male has started to see a counselor to help himself move past the day his little sister got kidnapped. Everything he has done in his life was for her, to help get justice for her. Joining the police academy, becoming a detective, never moving out of the area, it was all for her. Just so he could solve her case. But years have passed and the man knows that his little sister, Margret; would understand that he needed to move on and be happy in his life. And that is what he is trying to do. He won’t ever forget her, but he does need to live his life for himself.

+ J o b; Detective for the NYPD.

The End

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