Jordan Reet

+ F u l l - N a m e; Jordan Reet 

+ F C; Henry Cavill 

+ A g e; 33 

+ B i r t h d a y; May 13th 

+ S t a t u s; Straight, single

+ N i c k n a m e s; Friends sometimes call him by his last name 

+ L i k e s;

  • Women 
  • His family 
  • Coffee 
  • Videography 
  • Cameras 
  • Motorcycles 

+ D i s l i k e s;

  • His sisters have CP 
  • Bullying 
  • Public transit 
  • Double standards 
  • Hypocrites 

+ B i o;

When Mr. and Mrs. Reet went in for their ultrasound, the doctor heard three heartbeats. That’s right, three. Nine months later, Jordan and his two older sisters were born. While Jordan was the youngest, he grew up to feel as if he was the oldest of the three of them. His two older sisters had been born with Cerebral Palsy. Both of them were severely handicapped and as he grew older and stronger, he had to help his parents take care of them.

In school, he always felt like he had to protect them and stick up for them. People would make comments about the way they walked or how slow their speech was. Jordan didn’t even think twice before punching some of his classmates in the face for the things they said about his sisters. But being the only “normal” one was difficult for him. His two sisters got so much attention from his parents and other family members that at times he felt left out, as if he wasn’t as important because he wasn’t handicapped like they were.

Jordan did his best not to be jealous of his siblings. After all he got to do so many things they would never get to. But there is always that part of him that wishes he got as much attention from his family like they did. After high school, his siblings were moved into a group home to help take care of them – his grandparents and the trust fund they had left for them paid for it. Jordan visits often and is glad to see that they are making friends and enjoying themselves since they will never be able to live on their own like he can. The young male ended up majoring in Videography and after several small jobs, he landed it big with Poise magazine as one of their videographers for their photo shoots. 

+ J o b; Videographer for Poise Magazine

The End

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