Clark Waters

+ F u l l - N a m e;
 Clark Waters

+ F C; Colin O’Donoghue

+ A g e; 30 

+ B i r t h d a y; June 15th 

+ S t a t u s; Straight, single

+ N i c k n a m e s; None 

+ L i k e s;

  • Women 
  • Learning 
  • Reading 
  • Graphics
  • Computers 
  • Photoshop 
  • HTML 
  • Technology 

+ D i s l i k e s;

  • His relationship with his brothers and dad 
  • Feeling guilty for making something of himself 
  • Reminders of home 
  • Not being allowed to visit his mom 

+ B i o;

Clark had always loved to learn, especially when it came to technology and science. He loved to learn how things worked, what made them tick. He’d sit there and take apart the family radio then put it back together after exploring every part of it. 

Growing up in a trailer with five other boys was tough for him. He didn’t always get the privacy he wanted so he could study and learn in silence. But he was still able to make wonderful grades all throughout his schooling career. His dad was a blue collar working man while his mom worked part time down at the grocery store as a bagger. Money was always tight and there was always barely enough food to go around. 

When Clark was a sophomore in high school he started applying for scholarships for community colleges. Picking up two jobs over the summer, he started to save up enough money to help fund his way as well. While it was no big deal to graduate high school (everyone in his family had), it was a big deal that he had plans of going to college. 

Being the first person to go to college let alone graduate from it, his big brothers and dad were not excited or pleased with him like some might imagine they’d be. His mom was the only person to go to his college graduation from Berkley after he had worked his way through community college and gotten enough scholarships to help pay for it. His brothers and dad are convinced that he is ashamed of them and how he grew up, wanting to one up them. All Clark wanted to do was learn. With Clark being on a reality TV show now, the tension between he and his family continues to grow. Clark has money now, he has a good paying job, lives in a nice place that isn’t a mobile home and is now starting to get a little bit of fame… and while he has never forgotten where he started, his family seems to think he has. 

+ J o b; Graphic Designer for a magazine

The End

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