Walker Pace

+ F u l l - N a m e; Walker Pace 

+ A g e; 26 

 + B i r t h d a y; August 24th 

 + S t a t u s; Straight, single

 + N i c k n a m e s; Walker

 + L i k e s; 

  •  His motorcycle 
  •  People who are loyal 
  •  The loyalty that comes from the mob 
  •  His little brother 
  • His job 

 + D i s l i k e s;

  • His dad being in the mob
  •  People judging him based off of his dad
  •  People with no backbone
  • Students who don't take their education seriously 

+ B i o; 

There were good things and bad things about being the mob boss’s son. The good things, he would inherit his large empire which meant he got all the money. Second one, he was constantly protected. Which was also a bad thing as he got older and wanted to have some more freedom. His first date, he had just been about to kiss the girl when he saw one of his dad’s security guards walk past her house and the moment was ruined. Not to mention, the stress of wondering if his dad would get caught or killed. No matter what doubts he had about what his dad did or what was going on, he was the older brother to Parker and he always made sure that Parker was well taken care of. 

 Their mom had died soon after Parker was born, one of his dad’s competitors had killed her, so neither son grew up with a motherly and loving figure. And when you have a mob boss as your father, well you shouldn’t expect too many hugs and kisses. Wanting to experience life outside of the mob, he left home and went to the university. It is something to this day that his father and brother never forgave him for doing. He didn’t want to kill people though. He didn’t want to break the law. He wanted to teach, in hopes that maybe he could help someone else realize that there are better ways to make a living than breaking the law - like his father is doing. 

 P e r s o n a l i t y; 

A prankster with a sarcastic sense of humor is what Walker is. A bit of a goof ball at times and he is a smart ass. But it is all in good fun for this fun loving guy who is very funny. Loyal to a fault, he will defend someone till his dying breath - something his dad and the mob taught him. What they didn’t teach him though was how to be a gentlemen, charming and romantic - he got those traits all on his own. 

 + J o b; Philosophy, Logic and Ethics Professor at NYU. 

The End

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