Cameron Henderson

This is a collection of all of my Male Original Characters that I have open. If you like them, feel free to message me and ask if we can plot for one of your characters and mine.

+ F u l l - N a m e; Cameron Joshua Henderson

+ A g e; 18

+ B i r t h d a y; July 20th

+ S t a t u s; Single straight

+ N i c k n a m e s; Cam

+ L i k e s;

  • Painting
  • Basketball
  • Parties
  • His little sister
  • Photography

+ D i s l i k e s;

  • That his parents hover
  • Having diabetes
  • Not being allowed to play on the school sport teams
  • Being told what to do
  • Not feeling like he is a normal/healthy teen who can make their own decisions

+ B i o;

No parent ever dreams that their child could get sick. No parent ever thinks that their child will be the one that has medical problems. But sadly, for the Henderson’s; their first born son was that child. Like any first time parents, they took the classes, read all the books and went to every doctor appointment needed. But nothing they did prepared them for having a baby that was born with juvenile diabetes. Thankfully, Cameron’s was caught early on and he has been doing well with the insulin medication he is on. Cameron doesn’t blame his parents for being born with the illness, but he doesn’t like that his parents hover. They are constantly worried about him, calling to make sure he took his insulin, counting every ounce of sugar he puts into his body and in general, being helicopter parents. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Cameron was so excited when his mom found out she was pregnant, a sibling could really take away the attention from him. Lucy was born just a year ago and she is completely healthy, but she is also a handful. His parents work full time so when Cameron is done with school, he goes to the daycare center and picks up his little sister to watch her. Cameron loves his little sister, and is grateful that she is taking up so much of his parents’ attention.
Cameron’s mom won’t let him play sports, at all. His doctors say that as long as he eats and hydrates, his blood sugar level should be okay; but she refuses to let him go out for any sports. So Cameron has found other hobbies at school. He loves to paint, and he is actually quite good at it. Even though he isn’t allowed to play sports for the school. he and his friends do get together a lot to play basketball and work out on the weekends.

Cameron appreciates and understands why his parents are the way they are with him. But that doesn’t mean he likes it. He hates being told what to do because he has always been told ‘Don’t eat that. You can’t play sports. Don’t forget your medicine.’ He is sixteen years old and just wants to be his own person. He loves to laugh, paint, play basketball with his friends and just to be a bit defiant because he feels the need to prove to his parents that they need to treat him like a normal kid; he does go to parties. He doesn’t drink because he knows that would be horrible of him to do, but he does like to go out and have fun, helps him feel like a normal teenage boy.

+ P e r s o n a l i t y;

Cam is one of those people who prefers to listen to others. He doesn’t do a lot of talking about himself, and instead he makes for a great listener. Although he doesn’t talk a lot about himself, he is very outgoing. He has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. He tends to be shy or timid at first, but once you get to know him and he feels comfortable around you, he will open up and let you know him. Because he doesn’t talk a lot, especially not about his feelings, he gets them out via his photography or artwork. If you are one of the few lucky ones who are allowed to see them, then you know you have made it into his small circle of trusted people in his life.

+ J o b;  High School Student and waiter

The End

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