My Love's Essence at Night

This is a short poem my boyfriend made for me. He is currently in New York, studying in college. He misses me dearly and out of inspiration, he made this sweet poem for me.

I'm in a far away place,

So far away that I can't see my love's face,

But the bright, beautiful moon reminds me of her presence,

Oh how it reminds me of her luminary essence.

That's one of the things I love about my love,

Every time I miss her I can just look above,

Because of every star lights up the dark sky,

Her presence and love lit up my life's obscure night.

Just as the sun's shine reflects on the moon,

Therefore shining on Earth,

God's light reflects on her and onto my self-made cocoon,

Therefore enlightening me and making me rebirth.

Just like the stars write poetry in the sky even in the darkest night,

Poetry is made in my dark mind every time her stellar smile shines that beautiful light,

Just as the shining of the moon is steadfast,

So her love always lasts.

No Matter where I go,

Her love will always glow,

And as the moon starts to shine sooner than the stars,

So does her beauty shines in my mind everyday before anything starts. 

The End

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