My Love StoryMature

It's about a girl and a boy falling in love but don't realise. I hope you like it

My name is Emily Mullen. I hang around with my twin brother, Aiden. Lee, my best friend and Hayden, my other friend. We are the outcasts, the emo kids of the school.

                “EMILY, AIDEN!” we groan as our mother screams for us to get up for another boring day at school. I got ready for school brushing my hair into a side fringe and straightening it.

                “Em, can you straighten mine please?” Aiden asked pleadingly. I simply nodded, knowing he was trying to impress Katie, the princess of pink, or puke in my opinion. What was the most pathetic thing about my friends  and not to mention all the blokes in my school was that they all thought they stood a chance with her. Sad.

                “Aiden, you do realise she will never feel the same.” I told him rather bluntly.

                “Shut up Em, You are just annoyed that Lee will ‘never feel the same’” I stood there shocked, the straighteners locked in place on one hand-full of his hair.

                “What are you talking about?” I asked him, slightly scared he knew my thoughts that I never shared with anyone.

                “I can read your thoughts” He said smugly.

                “Well I can read yours, and Katie isn’t ever going to ‘come to her senses’  she never had any” I retorted childishly, he went silent until the heat burnt his scalp and he yelped in pain, bringing me back to the real world. I had already changed into my school uniform; a blazer, shirt, tie and skirt (unfortunately). Aiden and I each personalised our uniforms with all black converse.

                “I was in my own world, sorry” I carried on straightening his hair then we grabbed our identical school bags (Converse messenger bags)

                “BYE MUM!” We yelled in sync as we walked out of the door, slamming it shut after us.

                “So Aiden, you have deluded yourself into thinking that I fancy Lee, eh?”

                “Actually Emily, you have told yourself over and over you have nothing more than friendly feelings towards Lee but in fact, deep down you are secretly in love with him, wouldn’t that be cool if you and Lee where in love and it all turned into a love story?” He mused to himself. Unfortunately my brother is a hopeless romantic, always turning every situation into a love scene. But he was secretly right. Could he really read my thoughts?

                “Would you shut up, Lee and I will never be an ‘item’ or whatever you are talking about, we are just friends” I felt my heart ache after I said that.

                “Yeah, but I know that Lee doesn’t fancy Katie, he fancies someone else before you being thinking he has a crush on the most prettiest, most greatest, most-“

                “-I do this because I care about you Aiden” I slapped him round the face so hard he had red hand mark on his pale white skin. I felt the pain as my palm connected with his cheek.

                “EMILY!” He screamed, he threw me to the floor in blind rage and we started our daily wrestling match. It had actually started later than usual. I kicked him off of me and he threw punches at me, I managed to dodge a few but he hit me straight in the nose, making crimson liquid flow from it.

                “Em” he began, but now I was seriously annoyed. I threw a punch and hit him in the eye, taking him to the floor. I gasped as I realised how much I had hurt him, without even meaning it to go that far. He was unconscious. I heard a car racing in the distance, by the tyre tracks I could tell it was coming this way. I dragged Aiden to the curb and held onto him for dear life hoping the car wouldn’t swerve to the right unexpectedly. Aiden woke up to me crying into his chest and digging my nails into his skin.

                “Whoa sis, it’s ok I’m not dead, yet” He chuckled.  I jumped up off of him. My heart jumped out of my chest.

                “YOU COULD HAVE GIVEN ME A HEART ATTACK!” I yelled and playfully slapped his arm.

                “Be nice, I could have died!”

                “Yeah, but you didn’t! And you better not!” I whispered the last part and hugged him tighter

                “I’ll try my hardest not to before I win Katie over!” He laughed, springing back up and walking to school.

“PIGGY BACK RIDE!” I screamed as I leapt onto his back. I was still on his back when we arrived at school, late as usual. We walked into our form class, taking our seats next to Lee and Hayden. The teacher started ranting about our lateness. We ignored him and turned to talk to our friends.

“So, Lee how was Birmingham?” I asked as Hayden and Aiden talked about the new skate park that is opening.

“It was awesome. I met this girl, I’ll tell you about her later” He said while turning around to join in the other conversation. I sighed loudly. He had done it again. Failed to notice me and broke my heart. I think I am just invisible to him. Why can’t he see how much I care? I turned and joined in their conversation until the bell rang, signalling first lesson.

“Hey Lee.” I called.

“Hi, Mullen!” he called, motioning me over to him so we could walk to maths together. He was always calling me by my last name . You don’t call someone you love their last name. I was just a friend to him.

“This girl I met in Birmingham, she is so amazing...” He carried on talking about her, I pretended to listen- giving a nod here and there- but my mind wandered off. Thinking about him, as usual.

“...So would you like to?” he said looking at the ground.  His eyes darting in every direction. Did I what? Did he ask me out?

“YES!” I screamed hugging him. He looked at me in bewilderment.

“Great, so you and Hayden can meet Alicia and I at Starbucks at half five”

“Ok but wait, what?” I said shocked.

“You wasn’t listening again, was you?”

“Nope. Sorry” I blushed a little and rubbed the back of my neck, grinning like an idiot. He just sighed and shook his head.

“I said ‘Would you and Hayden like to go out with Alicia and I to make it look like a double date so she can feel more comfortable’ is that OK with you?”

“Sure, but isn’t Aiden going?” I asked wondering why my brother wasn’t going to be attending.

“Because he will prattle on about Katie and I don’t want Alicia to think I fancy Katie, and you know what Aiden is like, he will make people believe that everyone is just as obsessed with Katie, when it’s just him and the boys she will lift her skirt up for” I chuckled and he cracked a smile.

“So true, but still don’t you think that I should take my own boyfriend?”

“DO you have a boyfriend?” He asked, raising his eyebrow as if to say As-if-you-don’t-have-a-boyfriend. We have been friends for so long, I know every look he gives, every smile he fakes, everything.

“I’m working on it” I said, annoyed he couldn’t believe that I could possibly have a boyfriend.

“Please pretend to be Hayden’s girlfriend.” He asked, shooting me a pleading look.

“Well what has Hayden said about this?” I retorted, trying my best not to get into this fake date.

“He said he’s fine with it, chill out Mullen, It’s not as if you are actually going out with him”

“Whatever, I’ll see you in math” I mumbled, pushing past him.

“MULLEN! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” Lee called. I ignored him and pushed my way past everyone in my sight. I headed straight towards the girls toilet. I locked myself in a cubicle to calm myself down.

“That pathetic Mullen boy has been like stalking me” I heard the annoying, unforgettable and unmistakeable tone of Katie.                                                                                                                                                    No-one insults my brother. I slammed the door open and walked over to her nasty face, curled my fist into a tight ball and aimed at her (probably plastic) nose. My fist hit connected with her face, I felt it crack underneath me and heard a small splat on the tip of my converse. I looked down and realised she was bleeding onto my shoes. I pulled back my hand and walked away coolly. All her friends were fussing and gathering around her. She was just in a state of shock.

“Why are you late Miss Mullen” The teacher said in a monotone voice, not bothering to look up from his book.

“I just am” I replied taking my seat next to Lee. The entire class was working in silence

“Ok” Was the reply in the same voice.

“Where were you?” Lee whispered.

“The girls toilet, that’s where girls go” I hissed. I flipped my black hair back and rested my head on the desk, going into a short sleep.

“Mullen, why is there dried blood on your fist?” He whispered, sounding concerned. I looked down, noticing the blood.

“Just something to do with Katie”

“What happened?” He demanded, his brow furrowing and his gorgeous green eyes raging and staring into my own hazel eyes.

“She was insulting Aiden, I broke her nose. Simple” I muttered, turning around to ‘focus’ on the math text book that was in front of me. I slyly looked over to him, his eyes gleamed and he held out his palm for me to hit. I did so, smirking that he was on my side.

“Awesome” He said, trying to keep the whisper.

“Emily Mullen will you please go visit the headmasters office”  A dull and droning voice rang out through the school, through the school announcement system. I pulled my bag over my shoulder and headed towards the headmasters office, putting in my headphones as I swung my legs.

I approached the wooden door and knocked, a hush of voices could be heard a mile off. I peered in and the headmaster motioned for me to come in. I abruptly pulled out my ear phones and turned off my iPod and stuffed it into my pocket before walking into the headmasters office.

“Miss Mullen why did you hit Miss Johnson?” He said in a bored tone, as if he really didn’t want to be doing this.

“She deserved it” I stated simply while Katie glared at me. I have to admit she looked quite funny with the bandage on her nose and glowering at me, I stifled a laugh when I looked at her. Seeing me laugh made her glare at me more.

“Very well”  The headmaster said and motioned for us to leave.

“But sir!” Katie protested, her voice sounded even funnier than her face looked, he sighed.

“Fine, just shut up Miss Johnson, Miss Mullen you have a break time detention now get out” He spoke sternly and rubbed his temples. Katie scowled because I didn’t receive a worse punishment but she stomped out in her killer heels, I laughed and checked the time. Five minutes of maths left. I decided to go and wait outside of Hayden’s class. I really did not feel like meeting  Lee today. I waited five paces away from the door, so as not to be trampled by other students. Hayden came out moments later.

“Who’s ass am I kicking?” Hayden is my bodyguard. If I wait for him there is usually something wrong.

“No-one, I just thought I would walk with you for today” I lied through my teeth. I wanted him to kick Lee’s ass, but I couldn’t tell him that. Hayden sighed, not believing me but knowing I wouldn’t be telling him who was bothering me anytime soon.

“Listen, Em, I actually really like you would you please go out with me for real?” Hayden asked nervously before he left me to sit through English. Well why not? He is cute, smart, funny and he gets in loads of trouble for me by kicking those guys’ ass. I didn’t realise it before, but I actually kind of liked Hayden.

“Sure Hayden” I smiled and he entwined his fingers with my own. I smiled at him and he kissed me lightly on the lips before I went into class.

“What was that Emily?!” Lee said, flustered. I sat beside him and the teacher told us it was free time. Only because she wanted to be out of the classroom to get her daily dose of alcohol.

“Hayden asked me out, isn’t that great?” I said unusually bubbly. He looked pretty angry.

“Damn great” He slammed his fists into the table as he spoke.

“What is wrong , you are with Alicia right?” I pointed out, raising my eyebrow .

“Nothing. Just you and Hayden just can’t be together” He glared at the table and kept his fists firmly rooted to the table, hissing through his clenched teeth as he spoke. I just smirked and kept a cool demeanour.

“Why not?”

“Because, it will be too weird for Alicia” He smirked as he spoke, thinking he had told me a pretty good lie.

“Well according to you, Alicia already thinks Hayden and I are dating” I said smugly, quickly erasing his  smirk. He continued to glare at the table and his fists clenched again.

“Well you just can’t, ok?”

“No. Not ok. You can’t tell me who I can and cannot go out with. Got it?” I spoke with a venomous tongue, taking a detour from my cool act and telling him what I thought. Fear flashed in his eyes for a brief second but it flicked back to angry.

“Got it” He growled and put his arms on the desk and sunk his face into them. I pulled out my phone and began texting Hayden.

“Tell me exactly what happened in the headmaster’s office”  He whispered softly, like he was going to cry. I glared at him and my eyes softened as I looked into his sparkling green eyes that stared at me with such intensity, I started to melt.

“I got a break time detention.” I shrugged my shoulders and carried on texting. I heard him sigh.

“What is wrong with you Mullen?”

“Nothing. Why would you think anything is wrong?”

“You were uncharacteristically spiteful towards me a few seconds ago”

“Well maybe I don’t like being told what to do, did you think of that notion?” I was ticked off now. What was, this twenty questions?

“Look I don’t see why you have to go out with anyone”

“Why aren’t I allowed to have a boyfriend?”

“You are one of the guys”

“Lee, I’m not ‘one of the guys’ I’m a girl”

“But you eat and drink with us, you like to play football and you can play video games”

“Can’t girls do that?”

“Girls are meant to paint their nails and wear short skirts” He clasped his hand over his mouth as soon as he said it. I was really angry. I think you can all gather I have a short fuse. Blinded by rage, I picked up his water and poured it on his head. I picked up my bag and left the classroom. I noticed other class mates gawping and gasping at my rage and Lee’s soaked head.

                I ran my fingers through my hair, calming down slightly. I had to do something that calmed me. I walked to the back of the school, making sure no-one was around. I silently made my way to an empty art classroom. No students, no teachers, just art supplies. Perfect. A sly smirk spread across my face. I put black sugar paper over the window in the door, locked it and got out art supplies.

                I began to paint in order to relax myself. Not working. Lee had really annoyed me this time. His words had cut me deep. This time he couldn’t apologise to make it entirely right. I began to think about the times we had argued. Once. Well twice now. The first time was when he stole my cookie and that lasted one hour. Pathetic. I’m in love. There is no way of denying it. Yes there is. We are just good friends. Real good friends and we are just that good, we don’t fight. That was it. No way could I ever be in love  with him. Banishing my earlier thoughts, I carried on painting.

`               I was still furious at him. He made a sexist remark and he was being stupid about Hayden and I.  I finished with the painting, smiled in satisfaction and waited for it dry. Whilst cleaning up I caught a glimpse of the time. Five minutes before the end of class. I smirked and walked out of the classroom.

The End

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