My Love Life

This is just some stories about how my crushes and relationships have been within the past three years or so. (Not much) Two guys

My Love Life


Adam was one of my first serious crushes. When I started the 7th grade, I had to sit next to Adam for two quarters (half a school year). At first, I thought that he was very cute. Then he started making jokes and having fun. We had the best time! I told one of my 'friends' about Adam and she ended up telling the whole school. For a while, he was avoiding me and being mean to me. I couldn't stop thinking about him. For all of 7th grade and a little of 8th, I had been trying to impress him and get him to have a crush on me. I had a crush on him until I met another guy, *Matt.


             Matt was my second serious crush. When I entered his school as a new student for the first time, he made me feel welcome. We talked in between classes from 6th grade until 7th grade. I was wildly popular in 7th grade until the end. Matt faded away as I began to pay attention to Adam. In class for just one quarter in the Winter, I was to sit behind Matt. Matt was so funny and I realized how handsome he was! He was also extremely nice and honest to me all the time.

            He had the cutest personality, too. I can't describe it. I decided to tell him I had a crush on him before anyone else did. One day in class, I asked him in a note (this was a bad idea, I know) if he thought I was pretty. And he replied with, "Yes, but not meaning anything." and when he handed me back the note, he smiled and said, "attractive." We talked all of class until I pushed just about all my friends to ask him if he likes me. He didn't answer any of them. So finally, I was the one to ask him, and he said no.

            I was miserable for a while. I cried for a day. And then, I texted him and he said, "Sorry, Sarah, you're just not my type. But you are a great friend." We continued to exchange long, meaningful texts. He used to tell me that I'd find a great guy someday and that I'd be alright. He always understood me and made me feel better. So, I wouldn't keep trying to be his friend. Up until the end of 8th grade, we were kind of distant. And then at graduation, we hugged each other and I decided to go to the same high school as him. I was so excited!

           Then I realized, I was just going for him, and I can find other guys. But at this point, it was very hard to accept the offer from another high school (one with way better education, especially in my favorite subject: math) because I felt like I was almost in love with him. I decided that I could find more fish in the sea, and I needed to do what was best for my future. It's halfway through Summer now and I miss him so much.

          But, I know that there will be more crushes and someday I will get a real, genuine, kind, and caring boyfriend who will always be by my side. The day may be today, tomorrow, in two years, you never know, but if I continue to be myself and not try too hard, he will be there someday, waiting for me.

*Note: Names are changed

The End

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