My love for you!

My heart fell to you

On the day we met

You caught it good

Like a fish in a net

You caught me staring at you

And you I caught you doing the same

You made me complete and anew

And you brought back the light and the flame

I can't stop thinking about you

I hope your thinking the same

I became lovesick, I think i have a flu

My love for you, forever I'll proclaim

But the day I'm so scared of

The most terrible day finally came

I saw you with another person, it pissed me off

You kissed that person, what a shame

I knew it was all my fault

I had myself to blame

If only I confessed my feelings for you

And shouted out your name

When  I'm old and weak

My love for you will still live on

Even if it still hurts so bad

It's still colorful as a crayon

The End

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