my love

its about a boy and a girl who love eachother

I see him its my last time to tell him i love him. But i cant im to scared the people are going to hurt him. I cant belive this my best friend and he is about to get killed. I have not gotten to tell him that i like him everyday i see him i dont say a thing finally its up to me to say something or the people will kill. Finally i scream " i love you" the people turn and look at me i say " its true i wont be able to live without him". They let him go he is walking towards me.He speaks "i love you to i just havent been brave anough to tell u". I look in his eyes he asks me "will you be my girl friend"? "Of course" i say then we kiss. We walk away as we do he tells me he was only jokeing. He does not love me that was the only way for them to let him go. I cry and start running. That night i went on my messenger and found an email it was from him. It said "dear Megan
im really sorry about that the truth is i do love you and im not jokeing i only said that because i thought you were lying but when i saw you run off and cry like that i knew you wernt
i cant belive it. I write back
   " dear:Caleb
 its alright i understand so i would like to know are we still together?" 
I didnt get another email for 3 weeks the last one said that he needed to see me asap so i needed to meet him at the park tonight at 7:00 pm its now 6:00 i put on my jacket and left there he was on the bench i go and sit beside him. he says " im leaving i have to go my parents do not want me in this town" i tell him he cant go but then he says " i know i dont want to but im leaving tommorow on a plane flight 160 we hug i start heading home then once i got home i eamiled my friend " hey caleb is leaving :( i need u to stay with me for a bit" my friend never did come the next night i heard on the news that flight 160 has crashed more then 300 boys died then all of a sudden a face pops up on the news and says" megan if your watching i want you to know im alright im comeing home" i turn off the tv and run out of my house i met caleb at the bus stop. then i notice he is hurt i bring him to the hospital and then at the hospital at 6:00 am im still there "NURSE" i scream there right infront of me caleb died.

The End

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