"ok so we are going to get your mum to drop us off at burgerking just round the corner of the cinema to aviod... any embaracment infront of jake and when we are at the cinema we are going to let you que up for the popcorn with jake whilest me and hope get the tickets then we will meet back up sit in our form in the cinema hope, me, you then jake, for a little while me and hope gonna leave for the toilet and after hope will just by feel sick after too many sweets so i will take her to the toilet and then we will  come back leave jake then go back home" says joy quite proud of her plan i smile at her "wait why do i have to be sick?" say hope we all laugh "no seriously?" she says joy shrugs  her shoulders "you do get sick eaisily by eating alot of sweet stuff" she says sweetly "ok" she says sighing, i laugh again to fill the silence "ok, i am guessing guys are goign to want to borrow some pajamas?" i ask, they nod smmiling, i go over to my draw and pick out 3 pairs of my many rabbit pajamas and pass them too, i put mine on andvthey put theres on, "yuck... im so fat" i say prodding my belly "your not fat!" exclains hope, "I am" i say dismisivly "i dont even know why i am bovering with this i am fat and ugly" i say stoking my hair, "you are not, you are beautiful anf jake i always flirting with you! he likes you" say joy i sigh not admiting it. i am fat and i need to start dieting but sadly i should have thought of that a few days ago not one day before my 'date'

The End

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