possesive or loving mother

when i arrived home after school with joy and hope i was greeted by a familliar voice "hey, little rabbit, it that you?" i sigh "yeah mum, i brought joy and hope home" i shouted up the stairs "oh, ok darling i will be down in a sec to put in some pizza" replied mum. that was the good thing about mum, she new the drill, i had had discussions with her before about not treating me like a baby infront of my friends, even though i didnt really need to worry about joy and hope. joy and hope were famillar to the house and put their coats on the chair next to the front door and i put my bag at the bottom of the stairs. mum came skipping down the stairs, happily humming a tune and gracfully dodging my school bag at the bottom, "so kiddywinks" beamed mum, i gave her a glare and she returned me a smile that was so lovely i just had to smile back. "what did you do at school today?" you may think that this was just a random question but no this was a routine question and hope and joy new that "history, geography, p.e." and answered joy, "maths and english" finnished hope. "oh ok then, what did you do in m" joy cut in "algebra" she yawned, a smile spread across mums face and she put up her hands defeatedly "alright i know when i have bee beaten and my girls want to get upstairs and chat, up you go" mum went over to the sink to wash the dishes and just as me, hope and joy were about to go upstairs mums head snapped up like she had remembered somthing "oh girls, i wanted to ask, hope and joy do you want to stay over tonight, seeing as it is the weekend and you are all going to the cinema tomorrow, then i can drop you off at, umm basildon is it?" mum said, knowing full well what cinema we were going to but stalling anyway " yer mum basildon, thanks" i said quickly then we ran upstairs, mum does that allot when my friends are here (a.k.a hope and joy) she didnt like to leave me alone much, just pretective of what was going into my head, not that hope and joy were a bad influence from a bad family, but their mum was most deffinatly a bit less protective of them. as soon as we got in my room we shrugged off our blazers and sat down on my white furry rug, i secretly love my room, even though i tell everyone i hate it, and its not hard to tell why i tell others that i hate it, my room, it has lime green walls, with small little handpainted bunnies hoping all over it, there are dark green zizzags to show the grass, and the big blue with clouds to show the sky, all my funiture is white, i have a bed (of course) a wardrobe, a dresser with a white mirror on top, a cuboard in the wall where i hide all my baby toys and a few white shelfs around with nic nacs on, once we are settle we start to chat about our plans tomorrow.

The End

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