My best friends

I meet Hope and Joy at the corner shop, and as usual they are there waiting for me and we start walking “hi” I say, “Hey how are you?” Joy and Hope say together, “I’m ok” I reply. I hate it when they do that, it freaks me out, if you haven’t guessed Joy and Hope are identical twins, which is pretty fun at school because I am the only one who can tear them apart, even though it hasn’t been as fun recently  as the teachers have asked them to do their hair up differently every day or something so that they can tell who is who, but we can still pull pranks by telling the teachers the girl with the hair up is Joy, but it’s really Hope. “Right let’s get down to business, let’s talk about the date” says Hope seriously, joy rolls her eyes and snaps “I don’t see why you guys are calling it a date, because it’s all three of us and Jake, not just Sarah”. There you go the mystery boy is revealed....... Jake, he is the cutest, funniest and nicest boy ever and he is smart and it’s not very often you get a package like that! He is Hope and Joy’s cousin and all four of us are going to the cinema together to see Valentine’s Day, ON VALENTINES DAY! You may be wondering how I met him being their cousin and all but last year I went to Hope and Joys Christmas party and he was there, I nearly fainted right there on the spot he was so drop dead gorgeous and Hope mainly managed to persuade him to come cinema with us, which is why Joy is so grouchy about it, because I have been calling Hope my hero recently, I laugh out loud at all the funny things that sisters argue about. “What are you laughing at?” protested Joy. Well I can’t lie to my best friends can I? “Oh just all of the funny things you two fight about” I answered. Joy chuckled “well you’re lucky Sarah, being an only child must be great!”Hope waved her hand in front of her sister’s face and snapped “hey! I am here you know?!” Joy sighed "well I suppose nothing means more to me than my sister, apart from you Sarah, you and hope are both equally important to my heart”. we all had a big group hug at that point until I finally realised we had been standing in front of the school for ages and were late, we quickly ran in to school and went to class.

The End

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