Happy morning

I wake up in the morning and rub the sleet from my eyes, and drag my butt out of bed. I suddenly realise what day it is, Friday. I kick into gear and get ready for school and run down the stairs two steps at a time. “Good morning sleepy head” calls mum from the kitchen “ three American style pancakes, butter, maple syrup is in the jug there, and... oh one fresh orange juice, squeezed with love for my little Rabbit, bon appetite!”. I walk in the kitchen and sit down at the table “thanks mum it all looks delicious!” I cheer, I know I should probably be watching what I eat before my date but how could I turn this down when mum went to so much trouble to make it for me. “Come on darling stop daydreaming and eat up your delicious breakie little rabbit “I smile and cut up some pancake. I don’t know why she calls me rabbit it’s just something she has done since I was a baby it’s either because of my HUGE teeth, big ears or my massive appetite, either way its something to do with me being huge which mum says is silly, because rabbits are so small cute and fluffy but I am defiantly none of those. Which makes me wonder why I am bothering with this date because surly there is no way a year nine is going to want to go out with me, I am only in year eight though so we are not really that far apart. I finish off my pancakes and make a stride for the door, “hey hey, hold on where’s my kiss?” says mum. Oh come on what am I three? “How could I forget” I sigh, I walk over to mum and give her a kiss on the cheek. “Bye rabbit have a fun day at school” I smile and walk out, finally! I thought that would never end, I’m glad I persuaded mum to let me walk with hope and joy instead of her driving me every day, that would be a disaster!

The End

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