My Little Rabbit

Sarah Buck has always thought her life was hard, a dead dad, a mum who she love so much but treated her like a baby, and a boy that she desperatly wanted to like her but it just was not happening. As her fight to win over her one true love begins, her mothers fight is slowly coming to an end. Will she decide to try and plan out a good future with jake or will she try and make her last few months with her mum meaningfull.

YES! its finallt happening, it really is, i cant even begin to explain my happieness. Thankyou Joy and Hope! OMG what am i going to wear!, how shall i do my hair?, how... "Sarah, come on get to be now, its half eight" i sigh, that will all have to wait till tomorrow. "ok mum!" i shout down the stairs.

The End

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