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Today was cloudy, and I was nervous.

Obviously, I was irrationally nervous, the only reason was that it was my year 9 parents evening - and I had two factors of this that worried me.

One - It was parents evening. What if I had behaved badly? I didn't think I had. But if teachers thought I had, my mum would know, that then it all would go downhill from there..

Two - I wasn't actually going home in between school and parents evening, meaning I had two hours to spent walking round school, all on my own.

And that didn't sound at all appealing. I knew I had to try and find someone who was staying behind, but no one in my usual friendship group was, and it ate away at me whilst I waited for the first bell to ring, initiating the start of form time, then classes, and then waiting on my own. They talked irrelevantly, and generally ignored me. This had started a few weeks ago, and I was beginning to worry that I wasn't quite fitting in with them. I was the butt of every joke, they insulted me, and to top it all off -

Suddenly, interrupting my train of thought completely, a girl I knew from drama club bounded up to me. She had bright blonde hair, a bubbly laugh and tonnes of energy.

'Hey Charlotte!' I said, trying to push parents evening out of my mind, 'How are you?'

'I'm alright!' She looked troubled and continued, 'I have a problem though, I'm staying behind after school and I can't find anyone else who is!' I grinned. This was perfect! I leapt at the opportunity:

'I'm staying! Wanna stick together?' We had never talked a huge amount, but she accepted and I stopped worrying. The day passed by as a blur, just being really nice to the teachers and making sure I had all the right subjects booked for my mum to see.

At the end of the day, I met Charlotte and we began walking and talking.

'Where are we going?' I asked out of curiosity, as she walked with direction and purpose. She thought for a second and replied,

'I hope you don't mind, but my friend Alexander is staying as well! He wanted an excuse to not go home, so he'll catch the bus later, but you'll like him. He's cool!'

'Sure, that's fine! Doesn't his mum mind him just staying at school?' She only shrugged in reply to my question, and I frowned. Wouldn't he get in trouble? Wouldn't she mind?

My mind's ramblings drew to a close when I actually looked ahead of me. As a girl whom I knew also from drama club with long black hair walked away, Someone looked up, and made eye contact with me. He had shaggy, side swept blonde hair, a tie past his crotch and a bag too far down his legs. He straightened up from his slouch and grinned.

'Hey,' He said, pulling me into a bear hug that held me too tight and yet was strangely comforting. 'I'm Alexander.'

The End

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