My Little Black Jar

Love can be deceitful and deadly. But sometimes, hearts may be traded, but at a price.

     You lay there in a pool of blood, it's redness glistening around your perfect body. I grip the hilt of my dagger tightly with a smile on my face. Can you see my face love? Can you see the evil and demented smile that radiates from my face?

    Your dress is torn and tattered, your shoes lost, and cuts and bruises pamper your body. "Why did you listen to my deceitful lies love? Were you not warned about me?" But don't you worry love, I know my time to die will come upon me soon, but not before your heart stops beating and your blade impaled through mine.

    I kneel down beside you and drive my dagger into your chest, right into your heart. Blood oozes from the wound I have just created in your heart as you scream out in agony. Laughter escapes from within me as I drive the dagger deeper into your heart. "Do you see my true face love? Do you feel the pain? Do you want more?"

   Tear of sorrow roll down your face and onto the ground in which it blends in perfectly with your blood. I withdraw my dagger from your chest and toss it aside, upon tossing it away I reach down with my hand and wipe your tears away. "Don't cry love, I'm here. Shhhhh" I put my index finger to your lips as you sob in fear and pain. I stroke your face as I whisper softly to you, "I'll always be here, I could never leave you. I love you with all my heart."

     With those final words I lean down over you and brush my warm lips against your cold dying lips. You struggle to reach up and hold me close to you so I may not leave you, but I rise up and look you in your glazed over eyes. You strain to call out my name but I do not remain. I turn away and walk to my destination unknown, a smile on my face and your blood glistening on my lips and hands...

    But best of all, I hold a little black jar within my hands with your name on it and your heart inside. Still beating as it screams to be returned, yet I ignore it's screams as I walk away from you. Soon your heart will be just another trophy, added to my collection. Although there is no need to cry out for me love..because you already have a part of me with you....You have my heart....

The End

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