My life used to suck

ummm this is different for me so tell me if i can do this ok or not please!!


     Okay. So when people say their life sucks, you automatically think they've been dumped or they've, I don't know, lost a baby or something. Don't lie, you most likely think it too. Well, that's not always the case. Y'see, sometimes people's lives are worse, WAY worse, than they let on. Mine used to be like that. I used to be hit by both of my parents but, since I turned eighteen, I've been sorting myself out. They had me taking drugs and smoking too; despite the fact I didn't want to. I hated every moment of my life up till the moment I turned eighteen when I packed my bags and left that Hell hole forever.

     I even tried to get rid of my life a couple of times. Once I tried drowning myself in the shower by lying in the bathtub with the water hitting my face; it didn't work. All I was left with was red marks on my face as the only reminder it had happened. Another time, I tried jumping off the roof of the house: all that one left me with was two broken legs which only made the abusing easier for them both. I had completely ruled out drug overdose as they already had me on high dosages of heroin and crystal meth anyway. I had thought that that only left me with one option, hanging myself. I had snuck into my parent’s room and stole one of my father's many belts from his closet before tying it to my curtain pole as it was the only thing high enough to hang a 5 foot 5 16 year old from. All that attempt got my was a broken curtain pole and more beating for stealing the belt.

     Yes, my life did used to suck. Badly.

     So, like I said, the minute I turned eighteen, I packed my bag with money and a few necessities before leaving the Hell hole that used to be my home forever without once looking back. It was the best decision I'd ever made.

     Now I look after people going through the same thing. In other words, I became a counselor for troubled teenagers. That was probably the second best decision I ever made. I'm also a 22 year old engaged and successful woman.

     I'm Jade James, soon to be Taylor and this is my story of how I got away from my terrible teenage years and what I had to cope with before that.

The End

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