You slam dinner onto the table, give your family a hurried explanation, and book it to the closet to find something to wear.

After some time spent gathering up your playful kids and your seemingly confused husband, you find yourself sitting at the dinner table, food and family all together.

A first bite of the half-burned turkey lets you know that it's not completely disgusting. Pouring some salt over your better-than-usual cooking and silently praising yourself for this astonishing achievment, you begin to have second thoughts about your crazy plans.

"This chicken tastes awful!", Nick exclaims and spits out a mouthful on the floor.

"It's turkey, honey. Mommy's goin' out tonight, wash the dishes or something." You abrubtly get up from your chair, leaving your half-finished meal and children from hell behind, moving towards the bedroom.

As you open your closet, you get the feeling you're being watched. To be on the safe side, you slowly reach for old grandma's shotgun hidden behind the slutty dress...


The End

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