She says she'll think about it. Crap...the meatloaff is burning.

It's not just burning, its on fire.  The kitchen is starting to kill with smoke.

"Honey, you ok in there?"

"Yes," Jennie yells, a little shrill and horse "everything is totally under control."

"Mom! What are you doing?"

You turn around.  Your kids a leaning in the doorway.  There is chocolate all over their faces.  The Halloween candy. 

"Kids, please give me a place where I can hide candy that you will not find it, I'm making dinner here and I..."

"Mom!" Matty yells, "The stove, the stove.."

You run to the stove and start fanning the flames coming off your meatloaf with a dishtowel.  Carey, you're oldest daughter runs in with a fire  extinguisher.

After a few minutes of mass chaos you find yourself crumpled on the floor.  The chocolate covered children are screaming and dancing in the giant mess left by the extinguisher.  The kitchen smells like burning and your husband has just walked in.


The End

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