Jennie reluctantly agrees to go along with whatever plan her sister comes up with

You’re just about to decline, citing excuses that range from soccer carpools to the presentation you need to prepare for the Big Boss – heck, event the piled-up laundry would do, since it seemed to have develop a life of its own – when it occurs to you: Why the heck not?

Besides, the last time you were anywhere by yourself you were in labour with your youngest. It’s not like you don’t need a break…

"OK. Let’s do it" comes out before you have time to convince yourself otherwise. "I’m in your capable hands. Time to reap benefits for writing all of your book reports in grade six".

"Great! I’ll call you back when everything’s arranged. In the mean time, ditch the flip-flops and pack lightly. Oh, yes – and make sure your immunizations are up to date" – peeps your sis cheerfully and hangs up.

"Immunizations?! What?! Wait!" you try, but she’s gone.

Wondering what on earth did you get yourself in this time, you

The End

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