Pick up the phone and just dial randomly

Picking up the phone, Tara punches in numbers at random.  A thrill runs through her body, "maybe this will be long distance.  Maybe I'll call China and run up a crazy bill and blame it on the kids."

The ringing shakes Tara from her thoughts.

"Hello, you've reached Party Place; home of the best Karaoke contest in the city.  My name is Tasha, how may I help you?"

Caught off guard, Tara looked around her kitchen.  She could smell dinner cooking and hear the kids screaming in the living room, and of course, her husband humming incessantly from the garage.

"Karaoke?" Tara muttered, only half paying attention.

"Ok, name please?" Said the voice on the phone.

"Er.. Tara."

"And what will you be singing?"

Tara looked outside, her husband had no moved to the garden and seemed to be singing into the hose.  She shook her head, cursing the song, "Errg... Roxanne.."

"Roxanne? Thats a great one.  I've put you in the 9:35 slot, Tara.  Good luck."

Tara looked down at the now dead phone.  What? What on earth just happened? 9:35 slot? 

The End

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