Pick up the phone and dial your sister

"Jennie, I can't take it.  I love them, but three kids and a husband who is really just a big kid himself and I'm making meatloaf and I know they won't like meatloaf and they're going to complain but I had to get the deposition done today and..."

"Ok, stop.  Just stop.  Breathe.  Tara.  Breathe."

Tara sat down on the stool and put her head in her hands listening to her sisters calming voice.

"I know, Jen, I'm just so stressed out."

"Look, when was the last time you took some time for yourself?  Look at your feet - what's on them?"

Tara looked down at her dirty plastic flip flops.  They were falling apart and almost completly worn through.

"You're wearing those ugly flip flops, aren't you?"

Tara whinced, "Noo..."

Jennie laughed.  "Look, why don't you leave it up to me.  Just screw everything next week - take that vacation pay and leave the kids at home."

"Jennie, what the heck are you talking about? I can't jsut take a week..."

"Oh yes you can.  Just say it.  Just say yes..."



The End

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