I better go for a walk to cool down

Just to check on the little ones first…Cory is glued to the TV as usual but Matty is reading a book for a change – I take it as a good sign. I’ve been worried about him lately, specially seeing him play with his Transformer a few days ago. He’d pick him up high in the air, singing "I believe I can fly", then suddenly make the "flight" stop, and with a long "Ahhhh" let the toy crash on the floor. It’s a shock to a parent to find out that even a Transformer can run out of happy thoughts.

They’ll be fine for a while. Grab a sweater, grab a coat, grab bootsmittensscarfearmuffsskipolessnowshoesgoshdarnit I HATE winter! Go past the hubby, who’s just putting away the shovel. "Where in a hurry?" he asks, his blue eyed gaze as piercing as ever. Don’t you bluey-eyesy-pircey me mister!, think I while trying to think of an answer. "Just out to the pharmacy to get some…um…dinner!" I fumble, then I’m off.

It’s only a little past 5 p.m. but it’s already nice and dark. Last weekend the neighbours have been hard at work decorating and the street is cheerfully aglow with the lights. I love the new blue icicles, they look so crisp and cool. Nora has a new small blow-up snow man, I like it much better than the big one she had last year. But…what’s THAT in Scott’s window? Looks obscene…Holly Nanny 911, it is supposed to be a candle! - but is too thick and too round on the top. Chuckle….Talk about over-compensating…Our sleepy little ‘burb sure is filled with interesting characters.

Take the chap coming down the street, for example. I’ve seen him a couple of times, usually in the evenings. I refer to him as "Mr. Chimera". A typical punk-head – spiked mohawk, piercings galore – grafted onto a body of a yuppie. You’d think that blue hair would clash with a pink dress shirt, or shiny black shoes, but apparently it does not. What would he be, than? A Punked Urban Specialist? A Punk Urban Professional? A PUPpy – I like that. Hmmm…How would I classify, since we are on the topic? Young is just not applicable nowadays, so it would have to be a MUP…Muppet, maybe? Or an UMPh? Also, we live in the ‘burbs, so nix the "U"… Which leaves a Professional, Middle-aged, Suburban…heh. At least PMS is true.

Enough of that. It’s getting really cold out here.

The End

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