My Life, Totally

That’s it! I’m going to kill him! He’s really done it this time!

As if it wasn’t enough that he taught the little one to run around in his undershirt yelling “Stella!!!” … As if was not enough that his idea of Christmas decorating is to screw a red light bulb over the garage…Not only does it make me feel like “madam” but now every time I get home, I start humming “Roxanne!"  And now I have two little ones running around the house, hollering – guess what? “Roxanne! You don’t have to turn on the red light!” Of course she doesn’t have to - it’s bloody on already! The darn thing just gets stuck in your head on repeated loop, so much so that even singing “Oh, Canada” doesn’t help any more. 

Where is that guy, anyway? Never around when you need him…There he is, in the front, shovelling the driveway. Never the one to care about the cold, he’s hatless, his jacket only zipped half way, his collar opened wide. At least today he thought to put on some gloves. The red bulb is casting weird shadows on his face, he’s working away and humming – what else? “You don’t have to wear that dress…” Will that EVER stop?

The End

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