Chapter 1.3

I really didn't know where I was going. I knew that I could smell the death that was lingering in the air and the stench of rotting things, but I didn't want to see any of it.

I was taken to a room with other really tall men, but they didn't really do anything. They just saluted him with respect and just kept doing whatever it was that they were doing.

I trotted along side him with tears running down my already rosy cheeks. I heard screams and cries, but I tried my best to tune them out. Right when I were getting the hang of things, we stopped. There was a door that he opened and I walked in after him.

"Now I have to talk to you," the man whispered to me quietly, "I know you're sad about your mom and dad dying, but I need you to stay in my room. No one will go in there and if they do..." he paused and looked around, "Hide in the closet. In there you'll find some clothes and and a box. The box is big enough for you to fit in there. It's empty so you can squeeze in there." he stood up and took her hand and they walked out of the room.

I didn't get to make a comment, but I knew that I had to obey his orders or I wouldn't ever see the lights of day again. I knew that if I screamed... I wouldn't be able to tell the world the things that he had said to me and the things that I saw, so I just walked with him... to what was my new home.

The End

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