Chapter 1.2

I knew something was wrong... I thought about all the things I had seen as I trotted along side the soldier that had taken me to my house.

We walked for miles upon miles and I was starting to panic because I didn't know where I was anymore! The little shops and buildings became little tent like things and huge holes with people in them... both dead and alive.

I stared at them and I took my hand away from the mans, "Where am I? This isn't home! Where's my mommy?!" I screamed as I whipped them on my skirt because they were wet with salty sweat.

"You daddy and mommy are dead. I brought you here because you need a home to live in... I don't want you to make a sound unless you want to die. Remember that," he said as he took my hand and dragged me along.

I made a face and decided to start talking, but then again... It probably wasn't the best thing to do right then and there.

I watched my surroundings pass by and thought about all the other things that we've seen and I curiosity drove me on.... but curiosity killed the lion... supposedly.

The End

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