Chapter 2.3

The doors flung open to reveal a man sitting at a larg table, big enough for twenty. his seat was like a king's as his feet were all the way up on the table. His chair was tilted back as he smoked a cigar.

I slowly walked with Chris so that we were five feet away from the commander. I could smell the stench of smoke all over him, and when he looked at me, I swore I smelled blood.

He straightened up in his seat and sat in it properly and put out his cigar. He leaned forward and rested his elbow on his knees.

I stared helplessly at him as he examened me on every way possible. His eyes roamed from my feet all the way to my eyes and then smiled.

"Well chris!" He stood up to meet Chris. "Seems like she's your sister! You look exactly the same! But why wasn't She in your records?"

Chris didnt miss a beat when he replied, "Well sir, I found out that my mother put her up for adoption without anyone knowing. She said she didnt want us to know because it would be another mouth to feed." He stated. It was reasonable. Most people who were poor and had 2 children usually sent their youngest one to be adopted.

"My mother just told me and I went to the adoption center the otherday and found her. That's why I asked to be excused," he gave a small smile to make his story more believable.

"Yes, that does make sense. And now you want to be an older brother and take responsibility?" Asked the commander.

"Yes, sir. If youll allow it," he said humbly.

"Of course! You've always been loyal to me and giving your sister hospitality is the least I could do for you. Would you like a bigger room?"

"Thank you, but its not necessary," he looked down at me. "My room is just fine for now."

The commander bent down and looked at me and smiled a crooked smile. "So what's your name little girl?" He asked.

And I said nothing. I froze. my eyes grew wide as I stumbled back. And then, pure shock hit me. Why? I have no clue.

The End

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