Chapter 2.1

There was nothing scarier. There are no words to describe the feeling of meeting and talking to someone who desperately wanted to kill you. The thought was just unbearable, I just wanted to cry and rewind to the good days when all I had to worry about was trying not to get dirty and see how many people I could say 'hi' to. 

As one of the soldiers opened the door to the room my heart skipped a beat and I decided to run away, but the hand I was holding stopped me. 

I planted a smile on my face as Chris lead me to the generals room. It was large. Larger than Chris' by a lot. There was a large table in the middle with at least ten seats around it. I was in a sense, overwhelmed by tall people. There were many people in that room. All in one uniform as I squeezed Chris' hand tighter hoping to find some comfort in it.

I didn't expect him to do anything other than to smile, but he just stopped in the middle of the room and knelt down in front of me. I looked down into his cyan eyes. Those beautiful eyes. He smiled and took my small hands into his large rough ones that still felt warm and smooth. 

"Are you ready?" he merely said and with that, I felt so secure and so safe. I felt like I could do anything and just nodded with a smile. I didn't need to fake one anymore because this feeling stayed with me. It lingered in my chest as he stood back up and we walked down together, to our fate.

The End

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