Chapter 1.6

"There isn't a lot to know about me. Not a lot of other officers know about me because I keep to myself. I used to think that was a bad thing, but now, I'm thinking it's not that bad." His words seemed cluttered as if he actually had a lot to say.

"Oh, okay!" I said trying to sound excited instead of bored. 

His funny face turned into a somewhat sober face that turned sad, then he wore a face full of grief. "Like you, my parents were killed in war when I was little. I was only 6 when it happened. I lived with my other relatives, but I would never forget the boxes they were carried home in and buried. It was a horrible thing," he tried to smile, but I knew he wanted to cry.

"It's okay!" I patted his back and smiled cheerfully up at him. "It doesn't matter what happened then! It's what happens now!"

"For a little girl you are quiet smart," he looked at me and took my hand in his and wrapped it around mine. They were huge compared to mine, but they felt warm and comforting.

I smiled back at him and I knew all i needed to know about him. He was a loving person. He cared about everyone and he cared about everything. He was like me in a way. We were the same.

The End

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