Chapter 1.5

Everyday was the same. About a year had passed since I was taken by cousin Chriss. Nothing changed. I would stay in the closet for most of the day, then I would come out when Chriss came back from his work station, he would bring me a small piece of bread.

I grew thin over the days, but I grew more bored than thin. I grew whiter than what I usually was because I was in the dark so often. Because of my lighter skin I looked like Chriss. Then, things changed.

"Kellie," Chriss called.

"Hmmm?" I said as I came out form the closet. I was now 10 and a half.

"I need you to be my cousin. I need you to fake it. You need to pretend that we are related. From today on, I will tell you everything about my family. If they have any doubt and decide to question you, you will know what to answer." he came closer to me and gave me my daily bread.

"But I'm fine with hiding in your closet," I said glancing at the closet that I had now cleaned out and organized.

"That's not it. If there's a chance, because you and I both have blond hair and blue eyes, we could live safely together and you won't have to hide. Think about all the things you can do!" he sounded so excited.

I thought about it for a little bit and weight out the pros and cons. "All right then," I said nodding and stuffed the last piece of bread in my mouth. "It's worth a try." I smiled.

"I'll tell you about me," he said as he changed into his night clothes. "Come on," he patted the empty spot next to him as he flipped over the sheets.

Then, he began with his story and I laid there, comfortably in his arms.

The End

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