My Life Through the Holocaust

A girl, Sandra, has been through the Holocaust and writes about all that she remembers. Her family was lost in the tragic ghetto. She was saved by a German official named Alex Dagmar. He helped save her because he thought that it wasn't right for her to die after seeing her parents killed and that he saw something in her that could make this world a better place. Her memories are vague but strong but she tells it as if it had just happened yesterday...

I remember everything. I remember my brother screaming and yelling at the Germans. I remember my pregnant mother being shot down by a man in a suit.

It all started when this guy named Hitler became out ruler. He conquered the entire place, but I didn't think it'd get this bad.

I looked up and saw everything burning. I saw people screaming and I saw Germans breaking and burning everything. I walked down the street with my thumb in my mouth and my light brown hair padding against my back. I walked for about an hour constantly... not stopping to care what was going on... because I was a nine year old girl that couldn't find her mom.

I kept walking... my mind was dazed off at the distant sunset while the screaming still rang in the cold air. I saw a man being carried off by some people. I squinted my eyes and my heart began to race. I could hear the blood being pumped through my ears and arms and legs, but I couldn't hear anything anymore. My gaze was locked on that man being slowly dragged off... his body motionless.

"DADDY!" I screamed as my legs finally worked, "DADDY IS THAT YOU?!" I continued to scream as I sprinted through the open road.

When I got to the dead body that the Germans had stopped hauling off... I realized that I had been right, "Daddy?" I said in a mere whisper, "Daddy are you okay? Are you hurt? Where's mommy?" I asked questions that flooded my  mind.

The man didn't reply, but his eyes were still open.

I saw tears build up and I saw them drop, but I couldn't feel them. My body was numb and my hands were shaking as I reached for my dad. I laid my hand on his and whispered the words that he'd always whispered, and I felt like an adult, "I'll be here when you wake up. Don't you worry," I said as I closed his eyes. I knew he was dead. I'd seen it before with other people, but I never knew that it'd be him... then a hand came onto my shoulder.

"Miss... I'm going to have to ask you to leave. I will give you an escort since you are under aged to walk home yourself," said that man. A German official I was guessing... so I took his hand like my daddy and I smiled through my tears... and he smiled back, but then it turned back to the frown when he looked back.

And we walked home... or what's left of it.

The End

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