Chapter 3:

"Hey" they all said it automatically. Xander was the first to speak, "Your the new girl..right?" His voice sounded curious but weary of new comers. I sat down and said simply, "That's me.. why, is that a bad thing?" He quickly said it wasn't, but soon after I had sat down Jason left without so much as a mumbled excuse. I was curious about what I had done to make him leave, but I didn't know him well enough to know it was my fault. Aron was friendly, he had light green eyes and milk chocolate colored hair. He was bold and outgoing, he was the kind of person that you feel safe around, someone you feel you could tell anything to. It felt strange, but I felt at home. Gabrielle was a gentle and shy girl with, not quite black, brown hair. She had the bluest eyes I'd ever seen. Looking over the group they could have been family members, they all had dark hair and were unnaturally alike.

We talked but it was all about unimportant stuff like the weather, teachers, and grades. All of us had the same homeroom teacher, which I thought was strange, and all of us had a strong dislike for one teacher or another. It kept the conversation from slowing to an awkward silence, but it still wasn't comfortable. Lunch finished with the shrill bell I had come to dread, and with that we dispersed.

The day went on, but I kept noticing different people at my lunch table where in my classes. I was sitting in English and I looked over and noticed Aron for the first time. It was weird, I had had this class for at least 3 weeks and never met any of them, and now I was seeing them everywhere.

After classes I retreated back to my room, where Jenna was sprawled out and had that look like she was a miserable being without hope. I wasn't buying it because just five minutes ago I had seen her giggling with her friends.

For the next few days I spent my lunch hour with Aron, Gabrielle, Xander, Isibella, and occasionally Jason, though I could tell by the distaste on his face he didn't want me around. Everything around me had changed, my new school, where I live, my friends, my world. But I had changed to, A week ago I would have left to roam the halls, I would have given up being happy to avoid dirty looks; But now, now I didn't know what I wanted.

After lunch I walked out of the cafeteria and stopped when I heard quiet voices that belonged to Isibella and Jason.

"You know what she is, Issy." I had never heard Jason, or anyone call her that before.

"Jason, this is not the time, nor the place for this!" Her voice growing shriller.

"When? Later?" He scoffed, "You know how many times I've heard that?" He paused and then answered his own question, "Too many." 

"Jason," Isibella's voice softened, "Give her a chance, there's still time."

"How can you say that?" He spat. 

"She doesn't even know yet." 

"How can you-?" He left the question open ended, his tone read one of  utter disbelief.

"Despite what they've done in the past you have to give her a chance." 

It was obvious they were talking about me, I silently wonderedwhat they thought I was.

"A chance? They have had too many chances already!"

"Then what do you suppose we do about it then?" She sounded hard.

"What do you think!" It wasn't a question.

I inched back and nearly shrieked when I bumped into a small form. I caught myself when I turned and saw that it was Aron. His dark eyes searched my face, at once lighting on my frightened eyes. I hurried away and up to my room, claiming to be sick for the rest of the day. I couldn't sleep that night, cold terror had gripped me.

The End

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