Me, Meet The other me.

Chapter 2:

6 O'clock came too soon. I woke in the crammed apartment me and my mother had moved into less than a week ago. I felt disaster right around the corner, and today would be the first of many I would now have to endure, alone, at Emerald.

The bus was late, I lugged my single suitcase up the gritty stairs and saw in horror that I was alone on the bus with the cranky old driver. My heart sank as I remembered about the sentences, I crossed my fingers and prayed that the bus driver had forgotten.

When I got off the bus I was the only passenger on the bus, besides a girl with long dark brown hair. She had a small black suitcase and carried a ragged backpack with a broken zipper on the side. She slipped out onto the icy side walk of Emerald. I slowly got up and followed, feeling the icy wind blow through me. 

I slipped and fell painfully hitting the ground, the ice hard as cement. I cried out as the ice hit me hard and fast. I lay there feeling the cold seep into me, I felt a strange tingling in my side. I was suddenly so cold I didn't want to move, there was a sense of foreboding think in the air. 

I looked up and saw the girl with dark brown hair, she reached down and helped me up. We gathered up the  books that had exploded from my backpack, "I'm Jenna." It was the first friendly face I'd seen, I was beginning to worry, but I thought this place couldn't be all that bad. "Cassandra." 

We went inside to find our rooms, I found I had a blonde haired girl for a roommate, she was sharp and cold, I didn't like her. I tried to be friendly but she had no intention of being anything better than civil, it was like being in a cell. I walked around after unpacking my stuff into a small room that both of us were to share, though after meeting her I didn't think she'd ever heard the word. Her name was Jenna, she came from a rich family, her family owned half of a nearby town. She quite honestly scared me. I left her to unpack while I headed to lunch. 

Walking in line, I saw Isibella, I didn't wave or say anything, worried she wouldn't want anything to do with me. I walked on, to my surprise she waved me over to a small table and introduced me to them all. "This is xander, Gabrielle, Aron, and Jason, everybody meet Cassandra." 

The End

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