More than rain came down that Night

Routinely, we went to bed as darkness swallowed the horizon on my little self-made bed and Jack as close to me as he could get. Only the slight patter of rain started as I drifted off to sleep. 

I woke up half way through the night to hear my door banging wildly open and shut in its frame. Jack was barking, but he was no longer beside me. LIghtning lashed behind the curtains, but it was too constant, to orange for lightening. Faintly, I could hear the air raid siren from the mainland. 

"Jack!" I called, leaping out of the blankets. I feared a German would get a hold of my dearest friend and kill him. 

As I got out of the door, I could see what I had first thought was lightening was actually fires raging across the shoreline. Above my head I could make out the giant spot lights following six or seven air craft through the pounding rain.

"Jack!" I called again. I followed his insane barking to the west side of my little island. 

As my eyes caught sight of him, an overwhelming sense of relief flooded me and I exhaled slowly. Just then, a rapid burst of bullets and goodness knows what else came down from the sky, hitting the sea and making ear-splitting noises and spray that sent me over backwards.

"Jack!" I screamed as I came to my senses. 

My little dog lay quivering, but unharmed, on the rocks drenched in sea spray and a few scatterings of shrapnel. 

Scooping him into my arms, I sprinted back to my home where I laid him down beside the fire wrapped up in a blanket. More bullets and bombs were released, I could hear them. But I was more focused on bringing Jack out of shock, if I could. 

The End

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